You Are Scaring Her Away

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Some guys seem to have plenty of looks, confidence, and sex appeal, but have trouble getting a relationship to last more than a couple of weeks.

What’s the problem?

If you’re in this category, it could be because you’re making one or more of these five critical mistakes that tend to make women bolt.  If you recognize yourself on this list, it’s a sign that you may be scaring her away.



trash ex1.  Talking About Your Ex. Whether you’re talking about what a wonderful woman she was, or how you’re so relieved to be rid of the bitch from hell, talking about your ex is a huge turn-off for most women. First of all, if you’re still talking about her, then you’re not really over her. Secondly, it can sound whiny, needy, or vindictive, none of which are attractive character traits. And lastly, what woman wants to go out on a date and talk about some other woman? Clue – none of them. Talk about the woman you’re with, not the one who’s out of your life.


2.  Making It All About Sex. Of course, you’re interested in having sex when you’re dating a girl.  Chances are that she’s pretty interested in it, too. The problem comes in when you try to rush straight to that point before she’s ready for it. If you start putting on the pressure to hit the bedroom when she’s resisting, it may backfire. Also, as the relationship continues, remember that it needs to be about more than the sex. No woman wants a guy who just calls her up when he wants to get it on, and ignores her the rest of the time. If this is your style, then don’t be surprised when you’re dumped again – you scared off another one.


3.  Being Cheap. Women are definitely more career-minded and independent these days than ever before. But if you expect her to pay for her meal on your first date, or even the second, you may be scaring her off. It makes it look like you’re stingy and cheap, and that’s not what women want. Even if she’s quite independent, she wants a gentleman who knows how to take care of a lady. If she brings it up and offers to pay, that’s OK, but you shouldn’t be the one asking her to do so.


4.  Being Too Possessive. Remember, this woman you’re dating has a life of her own. She had friends and coworkers who she spent time with before she even met you. Don’t get uptight if she continues to go out with those people – they’re an important part of her life, and you can’t change that. If you try to lay down the law and keep her all to yourself, then you may cause an opposite reaction and send her running.



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5.  Seeming Insincere. Yes, it’s a good thing to compliment a woman on how beautiful and sexy she looks, but you need to do it in a sincere and believable way. Instead of using the same lines she’s heard a million times before (“I love your smile” or “you have such beautiful eyes”), try to come up with something more personal. If you trot out the same lines as everybody else, she may walk away thinking “just another jerk”. If you compliment her on something that few people 

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