Why You Might Be Undateable

Do you feel like you’ll never find a guy again? Are you sick of the whole dating scene, and depressed with the thought that there’s nobody out there for you? If you feel like you’re stuck in an undateable state, here are a few clues to what may really be going on. why i'm still single

1) You’re still stuck on the wrong guy. So you had a wonderful relationship, and thought he was the love of your life. The problem is that it’s over. He’s gone. The better a relationship was, the harder it can be to get over it. Having your heart broken can be brutal, and it takes time to heal. It hurts!

If you’re still staring at your cell phone hoping your ex will have a change of heart and call you, or you casually drive by his apartment or office hoping to spot him, then you’re still stuck. Until you get yourself unstuck, you won’t be in the right space to meet someone new. Letting go of a past relationship can be tough, but that’s exactly what you’ve got to do to start dating successfully again.

A good place to begin is being nice to yourself. Don’t berate yourself and tell yourself what a horrid person you must be for him to dump you. Instead, eat right, pamper yourself with a facial and mani-pedi, or start yoga or kickboxing classes. Feeling healthy and looking great brings out the strong, sexy woman you really are. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and feeling good about yourself is an attraction factor.

2) You’re not being honest. You may be lying to yourself about what you really want. You think you want somebody highly successful, but you really want someone who spends more quality time with you than all the workaholics you meet.

You may be lying to others, too. Does your profile have a photoshopped pic from 8 years ago? Do you claim to love long walks with his dog, even though Brutus has already bitten you twice and you’re terrified? It’s trite but true – honesty really is the best policy when you’re meeting someone and starting a relationship.

relationship status multiple choice checklist3) You’re not looking in the right places. Face it – you’re probably not going to meet the man of your dreams at the grocery store. Sure, it happened once to a sister of a friend of somebody your cousin used to know, but the odds are right up there with winning the lottery.

If you want to meet men today, you need to actively get out there – both online and offline. Check out a site! Millions of single guys use these sites when looking for a new relationship. If you’re not there, then you’re missing out on one of the greatest dating avenues available.

This is relatively low pressure, since you just join local groups that appeal to your interests – wine tasting, hiking, vegan cooking or harmonica playing. If you find a group in your area with similar interests, it’s an excellent way to meet men. At least you know you both like the harmonica, right?