The Text Game – 5 Messages She Wants to Read

happy girl textThe first point to clarify when you are texting women is that it’s not about you; it is about compelling a girl’s emotional response system when she reads your message. Indeed, if she feels no emotional response then your text message has failed to serve your purpose.

Remember, the desired outcome of sending text messages is to meet up with the girl, so try and keep this in mind. We can now focus on a few different ways to spark emotions in the girl when she reads your messages that will compel her to want to meet up with you again.

So your thought process before hitting the send button should always be:

“Will this make her more or less likely to meet up with me?”

If the answer is less likely then delete the text and start again!  So here are my top 5 pua text game strategies:

Text Game #1: Use mystery to ignite her passion.

“Love is three quarters curiosity.” Giacomo Casanova

The key to romancing women is to let them create an image of you in their head, without giving away every single facet of your personality.

So when you are learning how to text women try to maintain the mystery. Do not give detailed responses to any questions, instead be vague and let the girl work out what you mean. Try and limit the length of text messages so that hers are longer than yours, this subtly conveys that she is trying harder than you to keep the messages going.

The idea of using mystery will keep women coming back to find out more about you, and it’s this curiosity that will tempt them to meet up with you again.

Text Game #2: Do not rise to her provocative challenges.

So you receive a text message that says,

“Fun evening, although a few bits were slightly odd.”

This is sure to spark an emotional response from you, especially if you like the girl and want to see her again. The key to remember here is, no matter what emotional reaction you are having in this moment, you ignore her text and bat it straight back to her with something like:

“That’s funny because I noticed one good thing and one bad thing about you too.”

Either she will text back immediately and ask what these are and you can then use this mystery to entice her to buy you a drink to find out or (and these are my favourite kinds of texts) she will ignore your text and bat something else back …. LET THE FLIRTING BEGIN!

The point here is that you can ignore their comment because you are comfortable with who you are and don’t need to be validated by her. This will be sub-communicated when you ignore her attempt at gaining an emotional response from you, this is exactly the same when you are learning real life pua training strategies.

Text game #3: Converse to heighten her arousal.

If a girl has asked you a question and your response is going to be a boring reply, then simply ignore the question and move onto a new topic.

There is a skill in controlling the frame of a conversation to keep it fun and adventurous; you do not want to get trapped into mundane conversations that lead nowhere – remember you aim is to refine how to get another date.

Therefore do not feel the need to reply to every question that she asks you.  Remember your sole aim is for the girl again and boring texts will kill your opportunity.  The fact that you are avoiding answering some of her questions will also spark more curiosity and demonstrate that you are not afraid to take the lead.

Text Game #4: Leave her lusting for more.

Do not ask a girl a question in every text message that you send. By simply replying to a message and not always asking her anything in return conveys that you are not desperate to hear back from her from her. This is highly attractive.

So many guys feel like they have to ask a girl questions to ensure the continuation of a texting conversation, however all this does is kill they mystery and inevitably the texts will become boring.

So remember mix your text messages up, ask some questions but also don’t forget the power of simply replying to her messages without asking her anything.  This will also be a good indicator of you how much she likes you because if she reignites the texting then you can be sure that organising a date will be fairly straight forward.  This is exactly the same as during pua bootcamps you are taught not to always reignite the conversation and to be comfortable with silence.

Text Game #5: Give her the sensation of being led.

So when you want to organise another date with a girl from a text message DO NOT SEND:

“So when are you next free so I can take you out?”


Instead, lead the girl and say “I’m going to …. you should come along”.  You’ll find that this automatically takes the strain off her mind that it’s a formal date like a dinner or something else which may make her feel uncomfortable, and also serves to make the date far more fun.

Remember you need to lead the interaction and the date without coming across as too try hard!!  For more information visit our pua training page.

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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