The Art of the Booty Call

art of booty call

Some people might think that the term, “booty call” is outdated, but whether you want to call it a “friend with benefits” or a “f*** buddy”,  the concept of the booty call is alive and well. That’s why we’ve compiled a few  tips that can help you attain and maintain a successful relationship based on the ever-enduring concept of the booty call.

Plant The Idea Early On

One of the most important parts of acquiring a friend with benefits is letting the other person know that you are not looking for a relationship right off the bat. You can say that you just got out of a serious relationship that didn’t work out, or you can be honest and say that you’re not looking for anything serious at the moment. The important thing is that the other person knows you don’t have a significant other and you’re not looking for one.


Make Them Feel Special

Nobody wants to feel like they’re second best. That’s why even though you’re not in a serious relationship with your booty call, you never want to let them know that you’re seeing other people. Some kind words and treating the person right can go a long way if you want to keep them around. However, stay away from those high-end gifts that might give the wrong impression.


Don’t Abuse The Booty-Rights

If your booty call starts occurring more than a couple of times each week, the other person can start confusing it with a real relationship. It’s definitely a balancing act that takes some restraint on the part of the person who is making the calls.


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