8 Signs You Are His Booty Call

We’ve all dated that guy. He plays it cool but you can’t help but wonder if you are just another notch in his belt or if he is serious about heading for rings one day.

Sometimes, that guy is needed. But most times, we are looking for something a little more, and you know that we deserve better.

Here are a few things to consider if you are looking for your relationship to be something more.

8 signs you are his booty call

The number one feature he compliments is your physique and says “you’re so sexy” vs. “you’re so beautiful”.

You haven’t really heard from him all day and then you get texts after 9PM talking about his attraction to you.

He doesn’t make an effort to sweep you off your feet. It’s just the occasional dinner, drinks, or coffee. It’s clear he didn’t make any extra effort or put in any special thought.

The longest and most detailed conversations you two have usually take place after bedtime.

He doesn’t really respond or acknowledge your texts when you talk about something deeper. He responds to “I miss you”. But, he doesn’t really respond to your ideas or deep thoughts. He doesn’t engage in the conversations with you except for saying “you are so amazing”, “I miss you” and asking “when can I see you?”.

You never see his vulnerable side. The hopeful, sensitive or dreamer side. You only see the charming side.

He always wants to come to your place.

He only really engages in conversations when he is trying to set up a time to meet you.

Sometimes, even for us a girls (or guys), a little fling is all we are looking for at the time. But if this isn’t what you want in a relationship with this guy, it’s time to let him go so that you can discover sweeter and sexier things!



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