5 Reasons To Be Single This Summer

Better To Be Single Or In A Relationship Over The Summer?

Summer is such a fun time of year, with lots of outdoor activities and social get-togethers. Hanging out at the beach or the lake is enjoyable, whether you’re single or in a relationship. So which is better? Here are a few reasons that being single during the summer can be a good thing.


travel the worldPlan Your Own Vacation

This is a big one. For your summer vacation, you can do anything you want, without having to work around somebody else. If you really want to go ride elephants in Thailand, and his idea of adventure is camping by the lake, that can lead to a compromise that neither of you are really happy with. When you’re single, you can plan whatever vacation you want, and do the things you’re dreaming of. Whether you like to plan a big, exotic vacation, or just have the freedom to take off at a moment’s notice for a long weekend getaway, your options are open. Go ahead, and take advantage of this while you can!


alohaLong, Leisurely Days

In the summer, when you get off work for the day, you still have hours of daylight left to spend as you wish. It seems like you have more time available to do the things you love, or to try new things as well. Whether your interests run more to photography, canyoneering, or happy hours, there is plenty of time to indulge in the things you love to do. When you spend more time doing your favorite activities, you’ll probably even meet new people along the way, with similar interests to you.


pillows bedThe Sheets Stay Cooler

During the winter, it’s cozy and warm having somebody to snuggle with under the blankets. Body heat is a good thing, then. In the summertime, that’s not much of an advantage – quite the opposite. This time of year, body heat can make you sweaty and hot. During the summer, you’ll be more comfortable sleeping on clean, cool sheets, without that additional warmth radiating from a nearby body.


Solo People Watching

Try going to the beach and watching the couples who are trying to act romantic. It’s an eye-opener that will leave you glad that you’re at the beach solo, or with a group of friends. Face it, beaches just aren’t very conducive to romance, and it’a bad choice of venue for a date. Cuddling in the sand can be downright uncomfortable, and falling asleep on the towels with your arms around each other makes for some absurd tan lines. You can also try to identify new couples, by watching whether they’re still sucking in their tummies to try to show their best look to each other. While a beach date isn’t the best thing for them, it can make great entertainment for you and your friends.


have a summer flingYou’re Free For a Summer Fling

Obviously, you don’t need to have a guy around to enjoy an amazing summer. But being single means that if you happen to meet a good-looking guy at the beach (or riding elephants in Thailand), you are free to have a fling if you want to. It’s as easy as making a profile on  www.fling.me and meeting other people looking for their summer fling.

How To Make A Man Fall In Love

cupid shot with arrowOnce you’ve met the man you know you want — you really want — it’s time to solidify it. Proceed with care, though. A ham-handed attempt to be the ‘perfect’ girl for him and make him love you will be as transparent (and ineffective) as that cheesy lace negligee you spent way too much on.


Don’t be Delusional

You can’t make a man fall in love with you, and truth be told, you really don’t want to. Yes, you’re smitten with each other, but the love you seek is the kind that happens naturally. It’s that kind of love that can only come via a true bond: a connection that develops automatically because you’re just right for each other. You certainly can, however, take steps to create an atmosphere that will nurture rather than hinder the bond of being in love.


Be Happy

No one wants to be around a sad or angry girl. You have to start out happy with yourself before you can make someone else happy. If your career is in shambles, work hard to get out of that rut. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, get real, professional support. If you’re unhappy with the way you look, get your hair done, join a gym, or surround yourself with hip people from whom you can learn some fashion tips.


skunks flirting blushingBe Mysterious

No matter how much he says he does, he doesn’t want to know everything about you — or your day. Don’t make him suspicious or jealous, and don’t disappear for long periods of time, but do be allusive sometimes. Don’t text, call and visit him incessantly; always be the one who ends the conversation before he gets bored.


Be Interesting

Read, watch, and then read some more. Read about sports, watch Star Trek and Star Wars, and learn how to shoot a three-pointer without concern for your acrylics. As much as women do, men looking to settle down look for a partner who will be their equal. Men want to solve problems for you, but will be impressed that you are independent enough to fix something yourself or can hang in a conversation about something other than your new Louboutins.


Be Patient

Falling in love is rarely instantaneous. And even if it is, the dangerous speed of a whirlwind romance is bound to create tension. Once you both realize you are falling in love, your brains will reel from the stress of all this new pressure and you’ll get into arguments over nothing. Both of your fight or flight instincts will kick in — make sure you’re being patient, fair and understanding enough to recognize this and keep him from fleeing.


Top 5 Things She Wants To Hear

complimenting womenDon’t cringe just yet, there are a few tried and tested survival tactics when forging through the forest of figuring out things she wants to hear. You’ve made the all-important first step towards bonding with her simply by considering what she wants to hear and what she doesn’t. Just bear in mind that every person is different: never expect every method to work 100 percent of the time.


“How Was Your Day?”

Yes, you are wincing at the thought of it. But, don’t even bother trying to get out of it — you’re going to have to ask her this every day. She might rant for hours about stuff you could care less about. She might say simply: “It was OK. Same old. What do you want for dinner?” If you’re not lucky enough for the latter, tough it out. If that sounds unbearable, try revising the question to “What’s the most interesting thing that happened to you today?” You might get an entertaining story rather than how her bitchy work friend pissed her off over some girl stuff when she something something something.


“You Look Beautiful/Sexy/Pretty”

Often this is said sufficiently enough with a knowing glance, and a little grab and a sweet kiss, but make sure you say it too. Women can’t hear often enough how beautiful they are. Figure out creative ways to inject it into new situations. When introducing her to someone new say “and this is the stunning Eleanor,” or pencil the words “You are beautiful” in the margin of the book she’s reading a good 10 pages ahead of where her bookmark is.


How Do You Feel About [Something]

Consulting her on anything is a good idea, be it business, your proposed new diet, or what she thinks about some recent political scandal. She needs to know you respect her enough to care about her opinion on everything.


“I Love You”

Rule Number One of dropping the L-bomb: Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. You WILL break her heart when it becomes clear it was only pillow talk. Rule Number Two: Even when you do mean it, don’t say it too soon. Use some restraint. She will perceive it, and it will make the moment when you do say “I Love You” all the more meaningful and emotional.


“You’re My Best Friend”

Telling her she’s your best friend is hands down the most important and flattering thing you could ever say to someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. Just make sure you mean it. Be careful though. It has to come after the L-word, or she’ll feel like she’s in friend-ville, or worse, she’s a friend-with-benefits.

5 Tips For Dating Someone At Work

office romanceHaving a fling with or even dating a co-worker offers many a challenge beyond the ‘How to Score’ problem. Dating someone with whom you work presents the problem of a potential break-up and the troublesome aftermath. Don’t sell the idea short, but proceed with caution, the risks are just the beginning of great rewards.


1. Keep it Secret, for Now

As tempted as you are to tell your bros or girls that you’ve bagged the office hottie (or are trying to), don’t let the kitty out of the bag until you both decide it’s in your mutual best interest to do so. Don’t forget, your careers are now part of your dating equation.


2. Don’t Lose Them Respect

If word gets out a girl is sleeping with a co-worker, she can lose a lot of office cred, which could end up hurting her career. Guys who hunt at work could be seen as dogs by female co-workers. Make sure when you do tell the rest of the office, it’s done with decorum, not by getting caught making out in a dark restaurant booth on your lunch hours.


3. Take a Break

If you’re smitten with someone at work, you’ll want to spend all your time with them by, say, coinciding your smoke breaks or getting coffee when they do. But once you seal the deal and a relationship begins, slow down the inter-office interaction. They are going to have to see you all day, and all night, and you don’t want them to burn out and tire of you.


4. Beware the Married Co-worker

An affair is still an affair, and they are particularly easy to get into with co-workers whom you see day after day and feel comfortable with. If you’ve moved on to a physical relationship with your ‘work wife,’ or ‘work husband’ (they’re married to someone else but carrying on a relationship with you) he or she might be leading you on just to have a hot affair.

5. Getting Bossy in Bed

If an office romance has begun between you and your boss, be careful — it could be nothing more than an illicit affair in disguise. If things go bad, they will rank above you at work, and it’s possible you’ll find yourself both alone and unemployed.

Tips For Meeting His Parents

meeting her parentsAs much as he has to impress your parents, you need to impress his. His mother could be even more protective of her little boy as your father is of you, so bear in mind that he’s not the only one who has to break out the top hat and cane for a little obligatory performance. Keep a few major points in mind and you’re sure to leave them applauding.


Bring a Gift

A gift will always be appreciated. It shows you made the effort to fit into their home as a member of the family. Make sure it will be a welcome gift, though. His parents could be non-drinkers, or keep Kosher, so discuss the appropriateness of the gift with your guy in advance.


Don’t be a ‘Gold-Digger’

If you’re unemployed and you know you’re going to meet them in a matter of months, start doing some volunteer work in your city. The question “what do you do?” will inevitably come up. If you’re between jobs, you can at least say you’re doing some pro bono work with a youth group. And who knows, you might like the work and it could actually lead to a real job.


Dress Appropriately

Extreme conservatism in dress is your only option for meeting a guy’s parents. Don’t wear a lot of makeup, a skirt that falls far above the knee, or stripper pumps. A sequin halter top, Daisy Duke cut-offs and Lucite heels tell his parents one thing: their son is dating a slut.

meeting the parents what to wear

Don’t Freak Out

Be prepared if you walk in the door and his family is all over you like a pack of wolves on a wounded rabbit. Don’t get overwhelmed and become emotional: nothing looks worse than not being strong enough to hold your own. Act naturally, stay calm, and roll with the punches.


Bow Out Gracefully

If the situation is really stressful, make an appropriately speedy exit. Have one drink, if necessary. Do not, however, get drunk. Don’t be rude and walk out in the middle of dinner, but don’t stay too long at the party, running the risk of having one too many drinks, saying something outrageous, and ruining all your hard work.


Tips For Meeting Her Parents

dates parentsIf you’re serious enough about a girl to meet her parents, be serious enough to do it right: for many, especially girls, not getting along with her parents can be an instant deal-breaker, whether it’s her or her ‘rents that cause the relationship to come to a complete halt.


You Don’t Have a Choice, So Enjoy It

Just about every girl has a mother, or a father, some other parental figure (or even all of the above) whom you’re going to have to meet and impressive. You’ll have to satisfy their fears that you are right for her. If she has someone like this in her life, quit trying to avoid it, and jump enthusiastically into it.


Always Bring a Gift

It might seem archaic or cliché, but many cultures around the world actually are insulted by a suitor showing up to a first meeting empty-handed. Do some research. If her father has been clean and sober for three years, don’t show up with a bottle of wine. If her mother is allergic to everything, don’t bring flowers. A very nice inoffensive art book is always a safe choice.


Be Completely Objective

We can all pick our friends, but we can’t pick our parents. Cut her some slack if you’re not a fan of her fam. Keep in mind, if they don’t appeal to you, there’s a very good chance you’re not their top choice for their daughter either.


Daddy’s Little Girl

When it comes to whom they are dating, parents are almost always going to be more protective of a daughter than a son. Girls in general have a lot more to lose: they’re more sensitive emotionally, and there’s the chance that an unwanted pregnancy can drastically change her life. Make sure you come off as loving and responsible. No one wants some guy playing it fast and loose with their little girl.


Getting Along Isn’t Optional

Do every conceivable thing you can during your first meeting to be agreeable with her folks. If that means shutting up when they say something preposterous, so be it. After all, smiling and nodding doesn’t have to mean you agree with them, just that you acknowledge their opinion on the matter. If you’re unlucky and they’re racists, anti-Semites, terrorists or junkies don’t let them bait you into discussion. Deal with their outrageousness outside of their home and, later, steer your relationship with their daughter accordingly.

 i have nipples

10 Signs You’re Dating A Jerk

jerk cartoonSo you just entered into a relationship and you’re over the moon, but some nagging doubts are creeping up somewhere in the back of your mind. Love goggles can be quite dark, so pay attention to the warning signs that you’re dating a jerk, and you’ll be less likely to get hurt later on.


1.He Makes You Pay For Everything: Women’s lib tends to dictate that if we want to be treated as equals, we should split the check every time. But what woman doesn’t like him to at least offer to pay the majority of the time?


2.He Flirts with Others in Front of You: For most women, this is a down-right deal breaker. If you forgive him for it once or twice, expect a third.

3.He Tries to Change You: If he’s not happy with you, then why is he dating you? He didn’t have a problem with any way that you behaved on your first dates. Once you’ve slept with him or you’ve settled into a relationship, however, he wants you to be a different person. Red flag!

stop being a jerk


4.He Projects His Insecurities on You: If he makes you feel fat but you and your closest friends all agree you don’t have even a small issue with weight, he’s projecting. Lots of people try to make other people feel miserable because they aren’t happy with themselves.

 5.He Talks About Threesomes… a Lot: Sure there’s nothing wrong with joking about bringing another girl into the mix even if you have expressed that you’re not into it, but if he mentions threesomes obsessively when you’ve been clear on the subject, he’s obviously not giving up the fantasy regardless of your feelings.

6.He Doesn’t Care About Your Needs in Bed: Jerk move Numero Uno is consistently getting off without much regard for how good a time you’re having. No one says you both have to have earth-shattering orgasms every single time, but if you’re constantly finding yourself at the low end of the satisfaction spectrum, it’s time to change up.

7.He Can’t Get Over His Ex: Your guy’s interaction with his ex-girlfriend might not be a big deal to you. For example, if they have a kid together, you can’t expect there to be absolutely nothing between them. However, if he’s constantly meeting up with an ex and knows it bothers you, he’s not being very considerate of how you feel.

8.He’s Obsessed With Porn And/Or Video Games: There really can only be two people in your relationship. So if you feel like you’re sharing your boyfriend with anyone named Ryu, Misty, Link or Jenna, then he needs to spend more time getting to a next level with your relationship, not with his controller in his hand. (Inside tip: Lara Croft counts as both a video game and a porn obsession.)


 9.He Ignores You: If you feel like you can’t get your boyfriend to respond to your calls and text messages in a timely fashion, you’ll eventually feel like you’re dating his smartphone more than him.


10.Your Friends and Family Hate Him: Your besties aren’t wearing your rose-colored heart-shaped love goggles, so take cues from them if you’re not sure. After all, how many times has it happened that you realize you have been dating a jerk, and not one of your friends and family disliked him all along?smartphone more than him.


Top 10 Things Men Want From You

couple in bed

Men have needs and wants, too. If you give him some of these  things (and it’s not hard), then your relationship could be happier than ever. Here are the top 10 things men want from you.



1. Listen To Him

Everybody in the world, men and women, want to be heard and recognized as a person. The key is to actively listen to him, understanding what he’s saying, and learning a little bit more about him. Empathetic listening shows that you truly care about him.


2. Stay In Shape

You want him to stay in shape and healthy, right? Well, he wants the same thing from you. When you make the effort to work out, eat healthy, and stay in shape it makes you more attractive to him. It also makes it more likely he will do the same.


3. Sexy Lingerie

This can be quite a turn on for men. He may be into you even without the this, but when you have a sexy set of lacy lingerie, it will turn things up a notch. Go ahead and splurge on a nice set. He’s sure to appreciate it, though he may not want to see you in it for long.


4. Stripping For Him

Men are highly visual, and there are few things they’d like to see more than you putting on a private strip show for them. Every once in awhile, if you put on some music and do a little strip tease act, he will react enthusiastically.


5. Give Him A Gift

Any excuse will do – Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or the second Friday in the month. Just try to think of a gift that he’ll really love, not one that would be good for him. Giving him the latest tech gadget he wants is very cool, but a new set of weights might not go over so well.


6. Playing A Part

A lot of guys would like to add some spice to their love life by indulging in a little role playing.  When you broach the subject, ask him what part he’d like you to play. He may want to go shopping with you for the costume.


7. Positive Words

Everybody wants to hear good things about themselves. They want to know that you think they’re smart, sexy, funny, and good-looking. This boosts their self esteem and their confidence, and makes them feel better about themselves and about you.


8. Experimenting In Bed

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may be shy about it, but try to stay open to new positions, or using toys. Communication, trust, and love make this work, and he’s sure to enjoy it.


9. Home Cooking

You know what they say about the way to a man’s heart, and there’s certainly some truth to this. Surprise him now and then by making him a home cooked meal. He’ll be impressed with your talents, and happy that you made the effort.


10. Be More Vocal In Bed

He wants to know that what he’s doing is really making you excited, so go ahead and tell him. When you let him know that you love what he’s doing, that gets him more excited, too. He’ll feel more confident, and he’ll also know more about how to make you ecstatic.



You Are Scaring Her Away

one does not simply forever alone meme

Some guys seem to have plenty of looks, confidence, and sex appeal, but have trouble getting a relationship to last more than a couple of weeks.

What’s the problem?

If you’re in this category, it could be because you’re making one or more of these five critical mistakes that tend to make women bolt.  If you recognize yourself on this list, it’s a sign that you may be scaring her away.



trash ex1.  Talking About Your Ex. Whether you’re talking about what a wonderful woman she was, or how you’re so relieved to be rid of the bitch from hell, talking about your ex is a huge turn-off for most women. First of all, if you’re still talking about her, then you’re not really over her. Secondly, it can sound whiny, needy, or vindictive, none of which are attractive character traits. And lastly, what woman wants to go out on a date and talk about some other woman? Clue – none of them. Talk about the woman you’re with, not the one who’s out of your life.


2.  Making It All About Sex. Of course, you’re interested in having sex when you’re dating a girl.  Chances are that she’s pretty interested in it, too. The problem comes in when you try to rush straight to that point before she’s ready for it. If you start putting on the pressure to hit the bedroom when she’s resisting, it may backfire. Also, as the relationship continues, remember that it needs to be about more than the sex. No woman wants a guy who just calls her up when he wants to get it on, and ignores her the rest of the time. If this is your style, then don’t be surprised when you’re dumped again – you scared off another one.


3.  Being Cheap. Women are definitely more career-minded and independent these days than ever before. But if you expect her to pay for her meal on your first date, or even the second, you may be scaring her off. It makes it look like you’re stingy and cheap, and that’s not what women want. Even if she’s quite independent, she wants a gentleman who knows how to take care of a lady. If she brings it up and offers to pay, that’s OK, but you shouldn’t be the one asking her to do so.


4.  Being Too Possessive. Remember, this woman you’re dating has a life of her own. She had friends and coworkers who she spent time with before she even met you. Don’t get uptight if she continues to go out with those people – they’re an important part of her life, and you can’t change that. If you try to lay down the law and keep her all to yourself, then you may cause an opposite reaction and send her running.



get away from me

scared girl

5.  Seeming Insincere. Yes, it’s a good thing to compliment a woman on how beautiful and sexy she looks, but you need to do it in a sincere and believable way. Instead of using the same lines she’s heard a million times before (“I love your smile” or “you have such beautiful eyes”), try to come up with something more personal. If you trot out the same lines as everybody else, she may walk away thinking “just another jerk”. If you compliment her on something that few people 

notice, she’ll adore i

5 Things That Annoy Women About Men

are you seriousJust like the list of things that annoy men about women, this list could be endless. However, despite the vast amount of things that men do to annoy women, we’ve managed to break it down to 5 things that every woman would agree is a constant annoyance.




They Don’t Listen

Honey, can you blah, blah the blah? Did you blah, blah today? If these phrases sound familiar to you, then you might be one of those men that just don’t listen.


Watching Too Much Sports

Are you one of those guys that needs to watch sports no matter what? When football season is over, you become a basketball fan. When basketball season is over, you watch baseball. Hell, you’d watch rugby if it was ever televised. If so, you’re probably annoying your woman with the constant sports watching; especially if you’re in no shape to play any of them yourself.


Lack of Cleanliness

Some guys can get away with having an unkempt look. But there’s a big difference between looking a little disheveled and being downright dirty. Not picking up after yourself or having bad hygiene is enough to annoy any woman.



This annoying characteristic is fairly prominent in men. They hate cleaning, doing laundry and if it wasn’t for the steady paycheck they get for working, they’d probably never leave the couch.


Being Rude

Plenty of men are naturally curt. They rush through things and they usually think more about themselves than others. It’s not like they’re trying to be rude on purpose, it’s just that they try much harder not to be rude when they first meet a girl.