Best Ways To Approach a Girl

approachIf a girl seems unapproachable, it’s probably because she’s worth the trepidation: the momentary smile, the way she absentmindedly curls her hair around one finger while she chats with friends, the shape of her hips in those jeans. No eye-roll worthy pick-up line is going to suffice — you need to bring a pistol to this knife fight.


Be Napolean Bone-aparte

Confidence is key. You’ve got a dog in this race, and by dog we mean, your penis. But don’t let the wrong head craft your war plan. Tread lightly, because even if this isn’t your dream girl, treating the situation like it’s no ordinary come-on will mean success will surely be yours.


Leave the Cheese at La Fromagerie

And know what the hell a fromagerie is. It might sound crazy, but you need to have a classy conversation with a girl before you ever ask for her number. Knowing a thing or two about something other than football and basketball is the best way to get her interested. Pull out your smart phone and check what has happened in foreign policy that day, and come up with an intelligent and thought-provoking foray into a conversation. Smart guys are sexy, because they’re usually successful, but don’t sound too nerdy, or she might feel like she showed up to class without studying for the test. If you can sit down next to her, pull out your phone and act like you’re reading the news for the first time, and look over to her as though you just had to get her opinion on what happened.


Don’t Be a Guy Friend

The inherent danger in the non-sexual convo approach is that you might actually get along. You might unwittingly stumble into Just-a-friend-ville — and that’s no where you want to be. Make sure she knows you desire her: Every woman is flattered by subtle clues you want her. Make constant intense eye contact (win the staring contest!) and remember details about her life to bring up later in the conversation.


Be Sexy, Not Overzealous

In between chapters of conversation, inject delicate flirtations such as handing her a drink but holding it a few seconds too long. How you look at her should (and will) tell her everything about what you want, and who you are. Just don’t be creepy, or you’ve just blown your chances. Subtlety is key, after all, you just met, and she has a lot more to lose than you.


Set a Deadline on Your Next Chapter

If she’s worth all of this trouble, then you’re likely not the first suitor she’s encountered, and you’re certainly not the last — or even the best. Make sure you don’t end up a crumpled business card in the bottom of her purse by setting the stage for the next meeting. If you talked about wine, tell her you were thinking about going to a local winery or tasting and ask her along. If she mentioned she hates golf tell her you feel you both should give the entire sport a chance at the putting range. Make sure you’re not just asking her out on ‘to dinner,’ and she’s way more likely to be intrigued.


3 NEW Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

If you never knew the old ways to get a girl’s phone number, it’s a good thing. Chances are she’s heard them before. Try a few new plays in an age-old game.


hangman love

1. Show Her You’re Hung

Start a game of Hangman on a napkin or a piece of notebook paper, except where the letters should be, you leave spaces in a 3-3-4 configuration: _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ (as in spaces for the seven digits of your phone number). Casually mention there’s a numeral in the solution. If she starts whining about the added difficulty in that, be thankful she’s smart enough to realize that there is added difficulty in that. Tell her you’ll make up for it by giving the ‘hangman’ eyes, a nose, a mouth, and fingers. By this point you should have her fascinated, laughing, and focused on playing a game with you. She may guess right away that the solution is your phone number. At that point, you say “Oh you win!” Write in your phone number, quickly start a new seven-digit hangman, and say “OK it’s your turn!” ‘Hung’ jokes are optional.

 kickball team

2. Start a Co-ed Team

This approach obviously requires a lot more work (or at least planning) but the payoff is that you can use it to gather many girls’ phone numbers over the course of a few months. Approach a girl anywhere — refreshingly, this one doesn’t have to happen in a bar. Having researched local team sport activities such as soccer, billiards, or softball, ask her if she participates in the one you’ve Googled. If you like to ride, for example, ask her if she has a bike. If she says yes, tell her you’re recruiting for a new group bicycle ride from [point A] to [point B] and you need riders to join in. (Safety in numbers, etc.) Tell her you’ll call her with the details. Make sure you tell her if she has any friends, to bring them along, and get their numbers if she does.


box of puppies

3. Get a Charity Date

Just about any charity needs volunteers for events. Find the one that needs a suitable amount of help for an upcoming event. Try for one with “aww factor” such as The Finding Homes for Boxes and Boxes of Puppies Foundation charity ball, and get to work. First, phone them up and see if they need two volunteers for a few hours. Say you heard about it through a friend, and can’t really afford to attend, but would like to help. Over the next few days approach girls and ask if they would be interested in helping you. Or, at the very least, ask if you can text them a link to the event in case they know anyone who would.


How To Make A Woman Want You

woman seducingIf the animal instinct has already set in and your eye contact tells you there’s a chance she wants you, your next move is to strategize your attack. It’s also time to play a little offensive defense: as successful as your fight plan may be, you’re going to have to pull off a few stealth moves that have her helping in her own defeat.


Keep the Upper Hand

If she’s a seven, you need to be an 8.5. If she’s better looking, make sure you come off as more successful. If she’s a stellar athlete, or a dancer, make sure she knows you’re renowned in your particular section of the business world. Everyone always wants to ‘date up,’ make sure she knows you’re a challenge for her.


Thwart Biology

Taller men are biologically more appealing to women, but if you don’t happen to have a height advantage, then take advantage of your other big muscle: your brain. Always have good posture, a classy walk, and deliberate movements. Always have unwavering eye contact, remain unaffected by trivial events, and be witty and intelligent. All of these qualities are surprisingly attractive to women, so what you lack in brawn, you can make up for in brainpower.


Be Unavailable

No matter how sophisticated she is, having to pursue you will drive her crazy (in a good way). Women are used to being pursued, not the other way around, so making her work for her time with you will always leave her wanting more. She will never get bored with the chase because it keeps her too busy. Don’t be an absentee lover, however. If she’s highly desirable, there inevitably will be more suitors out there, and you don’t want to lose your edge on the competition.


Stay Out of the Friend Zone

Make it clear that the only acceptable relationship for the two of you is a romantic one, just don’t be crass about it. You want to be friends of course, but you’re looking for a seriously intense romance, too. Make that proposition appealing, or you’re going to end up solidly in the dreaded ‘friend zone,’ which is incredibly hard to come back from.


Be the Good Guy

At the end of the day, she still wants you to take care of her. You sometimes want to seem aloof in your relationship, but if she thinks you don’t care if she sees other guys, she probably will. You still have to be protective: be her hero. Don’t forget it’s still pretty fair to call dating a ‘game.’ Too much bluffing without a few genuinely good hands will leave you bust.


10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

You see a beautiful woman across the room, but what do you do next? In days gone by, people would let a woman know their feelings with poetry & roses. Today’s version of the condensed sonnet it the ever cheesy pick-up line.  Some lines may flop or make you look foolish, but here are 10 lines that can work if you use them confidently.


hey girl ryan gosling

1. You’re So Gorgeous That I Forgot My Pickup Line

Make this more believable by adding appropriate gestures – start walking towards her, then pause, as though you’ve forgotten what you were going to say. Then come out with this line, as though it’s spur of the moment. It looks unplanned, and it’s a heck of a compliment.

2.  Excuse Me – My Friend Wants To Know If You Think I’m Cute

If you’re the kind of guy who can pull off “cute” in a sweet sort of way, this line can be a nice introduction.  Best thing that could happen – maybe you’ll discover she really does think you’re cute!


3.  What Does It Feel Like To Be The Most Beautiful Girl In This Room?

What a compliment! Flattery is a proven method with pickup lines, and this one does it in an unexpected way. If you’re in luck, maybe she’ll say she’s happy to talk to the hottest guy in the room.


4.  I’m Sorry, Were You Talking To Me? (No.) Well Then, Please Start

This line has a bit of an attitude, which a lot of women find appealing.  It’s got a touch of humor, and it prompts her directly to make the next move. It usually works well, though a shy girl may not follow up on it.


5.  I Think We Met Before.

You know that dream you had about the ideal man? I was the guy standing next to him.  Humor is a great opener, and if you can get her laughing right away, you’re off to a good start. The self-deprecating twist on this one makes you seem likable.


6.  Hi There – Could You Please Stand Still A Minute So I Can Pick You Up?

OK, it’s corny, but this dating line still works most of the time. It’s up front and honest. After all, with any of these lines she’ll know you’re trying to pick her up, so why not be open about it?


7.  Excuse Me, But You Owe Me A Drink. (Why?) Because when I saw you, I dropped mine.

This one works in stages. First it gets her attention, and even makes her a bit worried. What’s he talking about? Then you give her the punch line – a joke and a compliment rolled into one.


8.  Giant Polar Bear. (What?) It broke the ice.

  If you’re a natural clown, this one can work like a charm. It’s silly, but women like to laugh. The key is to keep a perfectly straight face for the opener, and save your grin for the second part.

9.  If I Had A Nickel For Each Time I Saw Someone As Gorgeous As You, I’d Have Five Cents.

How sweet is that? It’s a lovely compliment, following the flattery formula. It works best somewhere quiet enough for her to hear. You don’t want to repeat it shouting in her ear.


10.  EXCUSE ME, WHAT TIME IS IT? (She tells you.) 9:15? And today’s March 19.

I just wanted to note the exact moment when I first met you. This line may make her groan, but if she grins along with the groan, you can take out your camera to capture the moment.

Unless your Ryan Gosling. Then you can say anything.

How To Attract Women

In order to know what attracts women we must first understand exactly what attraction is.

If you look in any number of dictionaries you’ll find attraction listed as enticement, allurement, fascination and charm. All of a sudden it take on a mysterious yet almost enigmatic quality and that is because quite simply attraction is invisible.
It just doesn’t exist in our three dimensional world, we can’t see it, we can’t hear it, we can’t taste it, we can’t touch it and we can’t smell it.

So what can we do with it?…We can feel it. Attraction is a feeling, an instinct, nothing more nothing less, and this is pivotal in understanding how to attract women.

Scientific studies since the 19th Century when Charles Darwin first published his theory of evolution in 1859 in the book titled “On the origin of species” prove that females of all species including humans are attracted to the highest possible value male of the group, and this is vitally important when learning how to attract women.

Therefore, to comprehend exactly what Darwin meant by value we need to take a brief look at the ways different species attract mates to understand how we, ourselves, can learn how to attract women. Only then does multitude of understanding materialise.

OK, if we go all David Attenborough and look at some examples:

The peacock with the biggest and brightest feathers mates with not only one, but all of the peahens ie: He who looks the best, gets ALL of the females.

Flightless cormorants from the Galapagos Islands, as well as many other of our feathered friends, conduct mating dances or rituals that can be described as beautiful, aquatic waltzes. That is to say — He who dances the best, gets the bird.

To put this into a human perspective in regards with how to attract women, we only need to look at a famous actor such as Brad Pitt, whose looks have never failed him …………think Gwyneth, think Jennifer and now think Angelina!!

A dancer such as Justin Timberlake doesn’t struggle in knowing how to attract women. In a nutshell Darwin’s rules of how to attract women still apply, in that our genetics and DNA are still wired the same way as animals.

Now, we don’t have time to teach you all how to sing and dance or look like Brad Pitt, not that we have to, because learning how to attract women via their emotional response system is far simpler

3 Hypnotic Compliments You Can Pay A Woman

hynotizing dracula starePaying compliments would seem like the right thing to do to romance a woman that you like, and the right compliment at the right time will make the woman that you like feel truly special.

The problem that you face is that man after man has paid the girl you like generic compliment after generic compliment as a way of hitting on her, so if you truly wish to attract a woman then you need to make sure it’s the most powerful and sincere gesture that you can make, and not one of many scripted pua routines.

So here are my top 3 hypnotic compliments that you can pay a woman that will not come off like pua routines:



 #1: Mesmerise her with your chivalry.

Firstly, and a notion that many pua training companies miss, is that a compliment to a woman doesn’t just need appear in spoken form. Chivalry is a fantastic example of how to flatter a woman with your own unique qualities.  The term chivalry is actually a combination of virtues that were expected of an ideal knight such as courage, honour and courteous behaviours especially towards women.

The attractive quality of a knight was his willingness to help those weaker, which at first glance would mean those who really require his help. However a noble knight was so highly regarded that pretty well anyone was regarded as weaker to them, and what better way to show his helping hand than to women of beauty?

Chivalrous acts include notions such as always leading at all times, manners (this one should be obvious), respect and taking care of her every need. The general idea is for you to make her feel complimented because you want to take care of her and make sure everything is ok.

 #2: Magnetise her with your presence.

Actually take the time to listen to the words that a woman is speaking and she will be magnetised by the conversation.  When most men speak to women they often have some prescripted questions to ask which they believe that, in simply asking, then by the end of the interaction she will be attracted to them.

The problem with having a range of pua routines and questions ready to ask her in a bullet form manner is that you will not really be listening to her words, meaning that you will miss the dynamic of having a conversation when you are both extremely present, which is highly emotive if you can genuinely clear your mind of thoughts.

The reality is that during a conversation the less inner dialogue that you have the better, so much so that your aim is to be so in the moment with the women that after the interaction you really can’t remember what you conversed about. All you can remember was the amazing emotions involved and she too will be left with the same magnetic feeling luring her back to you.

Pua routines action point: This is a drill that we do as part of our pua training – During your next interaction with a woman really focus on every single word that she is saying and only think of what to say after she has finished speaking, you’ll be amazed by the change in dynamic of the conversation.

 #3: Spellbind her with your intrigue.

Be genuinely interested by her and, no, I’m not talking about the boring pua routines and questions like:

“What do you do for a living?”

“Where do you work?”

“How old are you?”

I mean be interested by her and how her mind works, and what it is about her that makes her who she is. Now timing is of the utmost importance when you wish to compliment a woman about what makes her truly unique, so here are a few examples of chosen works to speak at the correct time:

“I like the way your mind works.”

“That’s truly amazing that you can look at it like that.”

The point here is that you are interested by them as an individual, not what they are wearing or what they do for a living, but them at their essence.  This really is such a powerful compliment to pay a woman if you can make the remark at the right time, and the key is to make the remark about a specific way that she views the world or a situation.

Don’t make this compliment within the first 2 minutes of the interaction, this should be saved for when you are conversing and you want to take the communication to a deeper level.

For more information on how to interact with women in real life, visit our pua training page.

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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