What To Do When They Don’t Get That The Fling Is Over

A romance, an affair, a fling—whichever term you want to call it. You and your partner forge the bonds of lust in a no-strings-attached fashion. However, after the casual enjoyment loses its luster, you want to move on to bigger or tighter things. The casual nature of the encounter ensures that the companionship will end quick and clean with one swipe from the swift blade of boredom.(Unless you’ve decide that you actually want to date your Flinger with the hopes of starting a relationship which belongs in another story). Whatever the reason, you want to end the fling.

Breakups hurt whether you experienced a fling or a full-fledged committed relationship with another person. In some instances, the Breakee doesn’t know how to let go of the Breaker. They may developed feelings or an attachment to you. Now, they still call and text you even though the flame has long since burnt out. They like photos ,tweet at you, and even the bold will contact you via FaceBook message. Maybe they even stop by your residence “Just to say hi”. You’re now stuck in a rather unsavory situation.

If your fling doesn’t quite want to come to grips with your goodbyes, panic not : the-one-dance-romance experts of Fling.com have solutions.

IGNORE: Ignore this person. Do not respond at all to anything. No more ‘Hey’s” or one word answers. warning : they will persist. Keep pushing onward and perhaps their pile of unanswered texts, mountain of missed calls, and cache of unread Facebook messages will guide them towards the realization that it really is over.Our guess is that this likely isn’t panning out if you’re reading this article.

CONTACT: If after 2 weeks of continued messaging after launching the ignore tactic they are still trying to permeate your fortress change it up and open the gates. Contact them again and reiterate that the Fling has ended. Do so firmly. Do not flirt. Do not smile. Do not tell them you had fun while it lasted. Hopefully, at that point they will understand that you really have had enough.

RESTRAIN: If the problem persists you’ve got a serious case of Overly Attached Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Contact police and possibly obtain a restraining order. To avoid these troubles, set clear guidelines about your fling before it begins, including the intention. Don’t play games. If everyone knows what’s on the table in the beginning you will not have to deal with a stage 5 cling-on in the end.