How To Make A Man Fall In Love

cupid shot with arrowOnce you’ve met the man you know you want — you really want — it’s time to solidify it. Proceed with care, though. A ham-handed attempt to be the ‘perfect’ girl for him and make him love you will be as transparent (and ineffective) as that cheesy lace negligee you spent way too much on.


Don’t be Delusional

You can’t make a man fall in love with you, and truth be told, you really don’t want to. Yes, you’re smitten with each other, but the love you seek is the kind that happens naturally. It’s that kind of love that can only come via a true bond: a connection that develops automatically because you’re just right for each other. You certainly can, however, take steps to create an atmosphere that will nurture rather than hinder the bond of being in love.


Be Happy

No one wants to be around a sad or angry girl. You have to start out happy with yourself before you can make someone else happy. If your career is in shambles, work hard to get out of that rut. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, get real, professional support. If you’re unhappy with the way you look, get your hair done, join a gym, or surround yourself with hip people from whom you can learn some fashion tips.


skunks flirting blushingBe Mysterious

No matter how much he says he does, he doesn’t want to know everything about you — or your day. Don’t make him suspicious or jealous, and don’t disappear for long periods of time, but do be allusive sometimes. Don’t text, call and visit him incessantly; always be the one who ends the conversation before he gets bored.


Be Interesting

Read, watch, and then read some more. Read about sports, watch Star Trek and Star Wars, and learn how to shoot a three-pointer without concern for your acrylics. As much as women do, men looking to settle down look for a partner who will be their equal. Men want to solve problems for you, but will be impressed that you are independent enough to fix something yourself or can hang in a conversation about something other than your new Louboutins.


Be Patient

Falling in love is rarely instantaneous. And even if it is, the dangerous speed of a whirlwind romance is bound to create tension. Once you both realize you are falling in love, your brains will reel from the stress of all this new pressure and you’ll get into arguments over nothing. Both of your fight or flight instincts will kick in — make sure you’re being patient, fair and understanding enough to recognize this and keep him from fleeing.


Top 5 Things She Wants To Hear

complimenting womenDon’t cringe just yet, there are a few tried and tested survival tactics when forging through the forest of figuring out things she wants to hear. You’ve made the all-important first step towards bonding with her simply by considering what she wants to hear and what she doesn’t. Just bear in mind that every person is different: never expect every method to work 100 percent of the time.


“How Was Your Day?”

Yes, you are wincing at the thought of it. But, don’t even bother trying to get out of it — you’re going to have to ask her this every day. She might rant for hours about stuff you could care less about. She might say simply: “It was OK. Same old. What do you want for dinner?” If you’re not lucky enough for the latter, tough it out. If that sounds unbearable, try revising the question to “What’s the most interesting thing that happened to you today?” You might get an entertaining story rather than how her bitchy work friend pissed her off over some girl stuff when she something something something.


“You Look Beautiful/Sexy/Pretty”

Often this is said sufficiently enough with a knowing glance, and a little grab and a sweet kiss, but make sure you say it too. Women can’t hear often enough how beautiful they are. Figure out creative ways to inject it into new situations. When introducing her to someone new say “and this is the stunning Eleanor,” or pencil the words “You are beautiful” in the margin of the book she’s reading a good 10 pages ahead of where her bookmark is.


How Do You Feel About [Something]

Consulting her on anything is a good idea, be it business, your proposed new diet, or what she thinks about some recent political scandal. She needs to know you respect her enough to care about her opinion on everything.


“I Love You”

Rule Number One of dropping the L-bomb: Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. You WILL break her heart when it becomes clear it was only pillow talk. Rule Number Two: Even when you do mean it, don’t say it too soon. Use some restraint. She will perceive it, and it will make the moment when you do say “I Love You” all the more meaningful and emotional.


“You’re My Best Friend”

Telling her she’s your best friend is hands down the most important and flattering thing you could ever say to someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. Just make sure you mean it. Be careful though. It has to come after the L-word, or she’ll feel like she’s in friend-ville, or worse, she’s a friend-with-benefits.

How to Make Him Chase You

chasing girl

Playing hard-to-get might seem like the obvious route to get him to chase you. Perhaps it is obvious — but it’s also still important. It is not, however, the only move you need to get him on the offensive.


Let Him Make the First Move

If you see him out at the supermarket, notice with a smile but keep pushing your cart along. If he’s making eyes at you from across the bar, return them, but never get up first. Even if he motions you over, give him the friendly ‘yeah right’ smile, and wait. The one who makes the first move loses — don’t let it be you.


Get a Life

Even if the hottest fling in the world erupts between the two of you, don’t go all in. Make sure you have a life: a good job that you care about, hobbies that are fun and productive and which make you happy, and above all else, be interesting. He not going to chase someone who bores, or scares him, so make sure you keep the vast majority of that free time to yourself.


Play Hard-to-Get

Don’t answer on the first ring every time, or respond to every text immediately. If he sets a date, break it a respectable amount of time in advance — but do it politely, don’t just no-show.



The major danger in hard-to-get is taking it too far. You can’t be unattainable or you risk him giving up. Make sure you’re flirtatious, but not creepy. Keep it cute and not cliché: instead of texting him sexy comments, try finding him in person (not at work), and bringing him your favorite book. You then have an excuse to follow-up with him later.


Show Him Other Guys Want You

The male psyche has a built in mechanism to win you over from other males. Flirting with another guy in front of him will excite this part of his brain, and drive him to action. Just don’t take it too far, or he will actually think you’re taken and back off in fear of stepping on another bro’s toes.

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Top 10 Things Women Want From You

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Guys are fairly simple. They want a woman who is attractive, sexy, nice and interesting.  Women seem to have different criteria in what they look for in a man. To help straighten this out, here are the top 10 things women want from you.





1. Confidence

You’ve probably seen guys who don’t seem to have much in the way of looks or career success, who nevertheless have a way with the women. This is what confidence can do. When you’re comfortable with yourself, and confident of what you have to offer, women love it.


2. Intelligence

Women value intelligence in a man. That doesn’t mean you need to be Einstein, but in general, if you are smart and well-informed, women like that. If you don’t know much about a topic, don’t fake it. Try asking questions, or leading the conversation to a new topic.


3. Good Looks

Women care about the way a man looks, almost as much as men care about how women look. Try to keep yourself in shape,  Pay attention to grooming. Ditch the frayed shorts and put on some clean, attractive clothes. She will be happier to be around you when you’re looking good.


4. Independence

Women don’t want a role where they have to take care of a man. They want to be your lover, not your mother, and they like it when you can take care of yourself. When you can do your laundry, cook your dinner, and pay your bills, that’s a good sign.


5. Positive Outlook

When you’re with somebody who has an optimistic, positive outlook on life, it makes the time you spend together much more pleasant. Women don’t want to be with a guy who is overly negative, pessimistic, or cynical. That’s a downer, and it’s just not fun.


6. Good Communication

Women like a man who can carry on a real conversation with them. That means expressing your feelings, and also listening attentively to them when they talk about their thoughts, hopes, and desires. Good communication shows that you care about her. It can bring the two of you closer, and that’s what she wants.


7. A Sense Of Humor

Women love it when a guy can make them laugh. They’re not necessarily looking for the class clown, or somebody who’s the life of every party, but they want somebody who can make them laugh at times. If you can laugh at yourself too, that’s a plus.


8. Passion

Women want to see that you’re passionate – both about them and about other things. If you’re passionate about saving endangered tigers, it shows that you’re a caring person with a heart of gold. When you’re passionate about her, it shows her that she’s desired, and leads to a lot of fun.


9. Social Skills

The stereotype is that women love the strong, silent type, but that’s not often true in real life.  In fact, women usually love it when a guy is socially adept enough to function well with her friends, at a family event, or at her office Christmas party.


10. Ambition

Women like ambitious guys, at least up to a point. It’s not just about the money that goes along with career success. It’s about the fact that you set goals and achieve them, which is an attractive quality. Just don’t let your work focus take over to the extent that you ignore the woman in your life.



Top 10 Things Men Want From You

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Men have needs and wants, too. If you give him some of these  things (and it’s not hard), then your relationship could be happier than ever. Here are the top 10 things men want from you.



1. Listen To Him

Everybody in the world, men and women, want to be heard and recognized as a person. The key is to actively listen to him, understanding what he’s saying, and learning a little bit more about him. Empathetic listening shows that you truly care about him.


2. Stay In Shape

You want him to stay in shape and healthy, right? Well, he wants the same thing from you. When you make the effort to work out, eat healthy, and stay in shape it makes you more attractive to him. It also makes it more likely he will do the same.


3. Sexy Lingerie

This can be quite a turn on for men. He may be into you even without the this, but when you have a sexy set of lacy lingerie, it will turn things up a notch. Go ahead and splurge on a nice set. He’s sure to appreciate it, though he may not want to see you in it for long.


4. Stripping For Him

Men are highly visual, and there are few things they’d like to see more than you putting on a private strip show for them. Every once in awhile, if you put on some music and do a little strip tease act, he will react enthusiastically.


5. Give Him A Gift

Any excuse will do – Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or the second Friday in the month. Just try to think of a gift that he’ll really love, not one that would be good for him. Giving him the latest tech gadget he wants is very cool, but a new set of weights might not go over so well.


6. Playing A Part

A lot of guys would like to add some spice to their love life by indulging in a little role playing.  When you broach the subject, ask him what part he’d like you to play. He may want to go shopping with you for the costume.


7. Positive Words

Everybody wants to hear good things about themselves. They want to know that you think they’re smart, sexy, funny, and good-looking. This boosts their self esteem and their confidence, and makes them feel better about themselves and about you.


8. Experimenting In Bed

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may be shy about it, but try to stay open to new positions, or using toys. Communication, trust, and love make this work, and he’s sure to enjoy it.


9. Home Cooking

You know what they say about the way to a man’s heart, and there’s certainly some truth to this. Surprise him now and then by making him a home cooked meal. He’ll be impressed with your talents, and happy that you made the effort.


10. Be More Vocal In Bed

He wants to know that what he’s doing is really making you excited, so go ahead and tell him. When you let him know that you love what he’s doing, that gets him more excited, too. He’ll feel more confident, and he’ll also know more about how to make you ecstatic.



Is Your Significant Other Cheating On You?

You have a sneaking suspicion something is up.They’re acting different and things don’t seem the same between you. If you are wondering if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you look no further. Here are 4 key tips to help you figure ot if your boyfriend or girlfriend is dancing dirty with another partner.

 girl rejecting guy

The Fountain Of Sex Has Run Dry

If you and your significant other haven’t had sex in months or its been so long that you can’t remember, then this is a major warning sign. When people are sexually satisfied with another they often lose the desire to initiate sexual contact with their partner.

Test This Theory: Try and initiate sexual contact and if they make excuses or completely blow you off, then you know something is up. If you try again numerous times and they just aren’t “feelin’ it”, then most likely they’re getting their fix somewhere else.


texting in bed

They Always Have Their Phone On Them

All of the sudden your partner won’t go anywhere without their phone- and never says who they are constantly texting. They start keeping their cell on them or turned over screen down when its laying out. If you do suspect something ask who it is . If that fails check their phone and read their text messages. A person’s cell phone is like their secret diary. If your significant other has their phone attached to them, even in the bathroom, then they are hiding something or have a serious cellular addiction.

Test This Theory : Ask to look at their phone and see what they say. If they truly have nothing to hide, they’ll give it to you, or leave it out, unattached to them.

 lipstick on the collar

They Are Always Working Late

The oldest one in the book. Its tried and true. If your significant other keeps canceling dates on you or continuously comes home late then this is a red flag. Make sure they are really at work or where they tell you they are. You do not want to be the last to know that John or Jane left work 6 hours ago.

Test This Theory : Call to say hello or stop by with a surprise. If they aren’t cheating they will be happy to hear from /see you. If they are cheating … they won’t be there.


trust your instinct

Listen To Your Gut

Its a horrible feeling but in all honesty, your gut will tell you the truth. If all of the above things are happening, then most likely, you’re being cheated. The truth will always come out so trust your gut and decide whether you want to be there when it does.

Test This Theory : If you find yourself making excuses and rationalizing then your gut is telling you its wrong.


Even If they aren’t cheating who wants to be in a loveless, non-communicative, neglectful relationship that makes you feel uneasy anyways?