How To Make A Woman Want You

woman seducingIf the animal instinct has already set in and your eye contact tells you there’s a chance she wants you, your next move is to strategize your attack. It’s also time to play a little offensive defense: as successful as your fight plan may be, you’re going to have to pull off a few stealth moves that have her helping in her own defeat.


Keep the Upper Hand

If she’s a seven, you need to be an 8.5. If she’s better looking, make sure you come off as more successful. If she’s a stellar athlete, or a dancer, make sure she knows you’re renowned in your particular section of the business world. Everyone always wants to ‘date up,’ make sure she knows you’re a challenge for her.


Thwart Biology

Taller men are biologically more appealing to women, but if you don’t happen to have a height advantage, then take advantage of your other big muscle: your brain. Always have good posture, a classy walk, and deliberate movements. Always have unwavering eye contact, remain unaffected by trivial events, and be witty and intelligent. All of these qualities are surprisingly attractive to women, so what you lack in brawn, you can make up for in brainpower.


Be Unavailable

No matter how sophisticated she is, having to pursue you will drive her crazy (in a good way). Women are used to being pursued, not the other way around, so making her work for her time with you will always leave her wanting more. She will never get bored with the chase because it keeps her too busy. Don’t be an absentee lover, however. If she’s highly desirable, there inevitably will be more suitors out there, and you don’t want to lose your edge on the competition.


Stay Out of the Friend Zone

Make it clear that the only acceptable relationship for the two of you is a romantic one, just don’t be crass about it. You want to be friends of course, but you’re looking for a seriously intense romance, too. Make that proposition appealing, or you’re going to end up solidly in the dreaded ‘friend zone,’ which is incredibly hard to come back from.


Be the Good Guy

At the end of the day, she still wants you to take care of her. You sometimes want to seem aloof in your relationship, but if she thinks you don’t care if she sees other guys, she probably will. You still have to be protective: be her hero. Don’t forget it’s still pretty fair to call dating a ‘game.’ Too much bluffing without a few genuinely good hands will leave you bust.


How To Get Out Of The Friendzone

the friend zoneWhat do you do when you’ve found the man or woman who’s the one for you, but the person you adore is happy being just friends? How can you get out of this dreaded “friend zone”, or avoid it in the first place? Here are a few helpful tips to help you take that friendship to another level.

1. Stop The Friendly Advice

It’s OK to give your wanna-be boyfriend or girlfriend advice about car repairs or organic vegetables. That’s no problem. But when you start giving relationship advice, and commiserating with them over the problems they’re going through with somebody else, that puts you squarely in the friend zone. You’re a friend in need and a shoulder to cry on, rather than being the object of affection. No matter how much you want to help them, stay away from this kind of advice.

2. Consider The Setting

Going bowling together is a fine activity, but it’s not what most people think of as romantic. As long as your time together is spent in these friendly pursuits rather than a more romantic setting, it reinforces their view of you as a friend, not a lover. If you want to move out of the friend zone, try changing the setting. Maybe a sunset walk on the beach will get them to start seeing you in a different light.

3. Take A Step Forward

This can be tricky if you value your friendship. You may be afraid to let them know you’re interested in something more. All the standard fear of rejection gets mixed in with fear of losing the friendship you already have. It’s normal to have those thoughts. What about the other side of it? Perhaps the girl/guy of your dreams who’s been hanging out with you as a friend has been hoping you’ll make a move. At the very least, they’ve probably wondered at times how you felt. In order to move forward, you’ve got to take a step out of that friend zone.

4. Don’t Be Clingy Or Needyfriend zone meme

Sometimes people wind up in the friend zone because they’re hangers on, who just never let go. If you act like you need to talk every day, or can’t make a decision without hashing it over, this shows neediness. While that can work in a friend, that’s not what most people want in a relationship. Chances are that the person you’d love to be with is hoping for a strong, confident person with a splash of independence. The more you can live up to that image, the better your chances of achieving romance instead of buddy status.

5. The Time May Come To Move On

Ideally, the object of your affection will respond positively when you take a confident step forward, in an appropriately romantic setting, letting them know you’d like to upgrade your relationship status. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. There are times when no matter what you do, the person you’ve been idealizing just isn’t interested. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you – they could just be head over heels for somebody different right then.

The problem is that as long as you’re stuck on the person who’s not that into you (at least not in the way you want), you’re not really available emotionally to someone else. Who knows? You might meet the true love of your life next week. Has the time come to move on, and start with someone new?

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