5 Topics to Impress Her on a First Date

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It’s often hard to come up with stuff to talk about on a first date. You don’t want to come off as too self-centered by telling her your whole life story, yet you are putting on a presentation in an attempt to sell her on why you’re the best choice for her. Subtly curate your conversation and, if all else goes well, you should be well on your way to that all-important second date. Here are 5 topics to impress her on a first date.


Your Charity Work

If you don’t do any charity work, then start. Even if you simply help update the Facebook page for your local animal shelter, find a few hours each month to devote to being the good guy. Even if you’re doing it just to appeal to girls, a lot of charitable organizations need all the help they can get, and who knows, you might even start to like helping others.


Your Investment Portfolio

This topic is tricky. Gordon Gekko’s “greed is good” mentality might work in the boardroom, but it can easily appear garish on a first date. The trick is to touch on the idea that you have several successful investments without making it seem as though you are trying to impress her with your overwhelming wealth. The best method is to pick one humble element of how you arrived at your riches, and focus on that. “It’s crazy! I had to save up like four paychecks for some Google stock in college…”


boys who play guitarYour Super Sexy Hobby

Danger sports such as rock climbing or kite surfing are impressive because they show that you’re bold, healthy, and full of adrenaline. Women are hard-wired to be attracted to an abundance of energy coupled with a lack of fear — signs you’re a good hunter and protector.


abs vs nerdYour Expertise

Intelligence is sexy, and it’s impressive to be well-versed on a topic such as 18th Century literature, string theory, classic cars, or Reagan-era politics. Just be extra careful not to come off as superior, or a pedant. She’s only going to be impressed with your knowledge on a certain topic if you possess more of it than she does, but she’s going to be largely turned off if you quiz her or make her feel stupid.


How Much You Love Your Family

Women are nesters by nature. They will always be impressed by how you visit your elderly grandmother every Tuesday no matter how busy you are, how you still mow your mother’s lawn every week even though she insists on paying someone to do it, or how you surprised your little sister with a trip to the Galapagos to learn about Darwin. It not only says you’re kind and empathetic, but showing her that you are focused on family tells her you’ll be good mating material.


Best Summer First Date Ideas

First dates are tricky, because you’re not only setting the stage for your first encounter, you’re telling your date a lot about yourself. Dinner and a movie is an old favorite, but it doesn’t show much creativity. An impressive first date idea puts you in control of the next move, because it leaves them wanting more.


1. Take a Winery Tourwine tasting

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a winery, book a car service to pick you and your date up, and take you back home. A quick web search can reveal many discount tour packages, and the same goes for the car service. Driving after sampling a few glasses of the vino is a big no-no, but paying for a car service shows you are both responsible and successful.


2. BYOB Painting Class

Hour or two hour-long classes are offered in almost every region of the country these days, and if one doesn’t exist in your area, call ahead and ask the instructor if there’s an adults-only art class where they wouldn’t mind you bringing a bottle or two. If the instructor gives you the green light, make sure you bring enough inexpensive bottles and plastic flutes for the whole class, and the instructor, to have a glass.


camping fire3. Go Camping

Book a campsite for a favorable time of year in advance and then invite your crush along. This one requires a bit of advance planning, however. Make sure the campsite offers amenities such as a shower and possibly even electricity. Bring along everything for a romantic rustic dinner and an evening fire. Mostly importantly: bring two tents and two sleeping bags. Presuming they’re going to sleep in your tent is rude enough to be a deal breaker.


4. Get Tickets for a Sporting Event

This idea works for both genders, even girls who aren’t sports fans. A girl who volunteers to get tickets to a sporting event shows she can be one of the guys. Both girls and guys will want to choose a sport such as hockey, basketball, or soccer, though. If the sparks aren’t there after 90 minutes with someone, the public setting gives you a perfect opportunity to cut and run.


5. Cooking Class

Men who can cook are an instant turn on, and the way to a man’s heart often really is through his stomach. Food, which ignites all of one’s senses, can always be a sexy cooking couple experience, so turn up the flames with a cooking class taught by a professional. Surf the Web for a culinary school or community college which offers a nighttime course without too much commitment.  If the date doesn’t whet your appetite by the end of the night, at least you learned a thing or two about cooking, and for that, your own appetite will thank you.


5 Foods Girls Shouldn’t Order on a First Date

bad girl dinnerOn a first date, first impressions are everything. You might think your breath is the only thing you need to worry about while perusing the menu, but think again. What you order on a first date can say a lot about you, and will either get your relationship cooking, or leave him with a bad taste in his mouth.


Onions, Garlic and Curry, Oh My!

So garlic is a bad idea all around if you’re expecting a sexy goodnight kiss. However, there are many more foods which cause bawdy breath due to a high sulfur content, such as salsa, and foods which contain curry. Avoid the sulfurs and he won’t suffer through a steamy goodbye.


No Needs for Utensils, Thanks

Ribs, chicken wings and pulled pork are not only sloppy and unattractive to eat, but the meats get stuck in your teeth, which could put an embarrassing situation on your hands. Nothing is as uncouth as a woman picking her teeth, even if it’s with a toothpick. (If you do find yourself with something stuck in your teeth, make sure you excuse yourself to the restroom, and do a breath check while you’re at it.) Not eating with your hands is a good first date rule-of-thumb.


I’m Secretly a Rabbit!

Contrary to popular girl belief, men know you eat. They know you eat food, and they know you eat at least an acceptable amount of various foods. (If he thinks you habitually starve yourself and still asked you out, you’ve got bigger problems than having a steak in front of him.) Don’t be pretentious and order a salad just to appear super fit or dainty. You’ll have to end your charade eventually, and if the date is going to last (especially if until morning) you’re going to need some protein to keep from getting cranky.


I Only Eat Lobster, Thanks

Never, ever, ask about the cost of something you’re ordering or express any concern about prices, especially if they’re not on the menu. Worrying about the price of your meal will make him feel self-conscious, as though you don’t think he can swing it. Worse yet, it will seem as though you’re not used to the best, which can lose you some respect. However, good manners would prevent you from going to the other end of the spectrum and ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, such as the filet mignon or the lobster, unless he first offers the suggestion for you both.


Thanksgiving is a Snooze!

Foods high in tryptophan, and foods which boost the brain’s release of serotonin, mixed with foods high in carbs cause serious sleepiness, especially if eaten within four hours of bedtime. Potatoes, bread, rice, tofu, and poultry such as turkey or chicken can contribute to a calming combo of sleep-aiding brain chemicals. So, if you want to avoid becoming a bore halfway through your date, avoid the potato-poultry duos. While you’re at it, avoid red wine or [YAWN] too many cocktails, which could also have you calling it quits when he’s just getting going.


5 Foods Guys Shouldn’t Order on a First Date

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Getting to second (or perhaps even first) base should mean jumping through a few flaming hoops on your first date. You’ve picked out the perfect ‘business-casual’ outfit, quaffed your hair with expensive pomade to look like you don’t try, and cleaned out your car for the first time in weeks. Don’t blow it with ignorance of a few things NOT to order on a first date:


For Her

The most important thing not to order is FOR her. This archaic tradition should be considered as passé as a chaperone and — luckily for most Millennials — it is. However, remnants of the habit still linger. Often guys have been to a hotspot before and try to impress their date by adamantly suggesting a particular option. Don’t forget, she’s at least a little on the defensive on a first date, she shouldn’t have to fend off your forward food propositions as well.



While oysters, figs, pomegranate, and chocolate-covered strawberries are widely regarded as sexy additions to a meal with a girl to whom you’re attracted, ordering these foods on the first date could easily be regarded as presumptuous — and therefore disrespectful. Even if you’re hoping to get some, operate as if you’re not trying to seduce her right off the bat.


Don’t Be a Sloppy Joe

Never mind that chicken wings and ribs mean you’re at a restaurant that’s probably not nice enough to take a girl on a first date — you’re there, and eyeing something slathered in buffalo sauce. A good rule is: Don’t order anything which requires a bib, or comes with a basket of wet wipes. If that’s generally all you eat, do a quick YouTube search on table manners before you go on your next date. If you can follow those rules with what you order (i.e. which fork to use and how), you’re in the clear.


Reeking Haddock

Bean-laden chili dogs aren’t the only foul that will be called on you in the dating game. If you want to get your play on, skip the garlic, oysters, shrimp, salsa and other foods that will break your breath.



If you appear more concerned with your own body than hers, she won’t be too keen on that second date. A guy who is too body conscious is a turn off. Ordering a dinner salad (and nothing else) also tells her you aren’t really willing to cut lose in order to have fun with her tonight. Besides, you’re going to need some protein to make it through to the wee hours.

5 Oufits to Wear to Catch Her Attention

Most guys don’t care that much about fashion, and most women forgive them for this, but a fashionably-challenged guy just isn’t attractive. There a few tips you can follow to keep your wardrobe to a minimum, with little fuss or cost. Get a few staple pieces and replenish them as necessary. If you’re still experiencing a sartorial conundrum, or you care at all how you look, spend a few minutes with a good men’s fashion magazine. Flip through the pages and absorb even a tenth of the concepts espoused, and you’ll automatically be more in tune to what’s appealing to women.

mens outfits

Skinnier Jeans

It’s 2014, and unfortunately for everything in your closet, styles have changed drastically in the last few years. Loose or “relaxed” fit now looks sloppy. No one’s saying it should look like you borrowed your girlfriend’s jeggings, but jeans need to be slim cut, no matter how big you are.

Flat-Front Fitted Pants

That’s right, even your work pants should be slim fit. Make sure they aren’t too tight or too short. Pleated front pants should be cut up and used to wax your car. If you’re new to fashion, white pants are generally only to be worn by Colonel Sanders, and while you’re at it, steer clear of bright colors and pastels as well. Tailored-looking clothing tells a woman you care (at least a tiny bit) about looking good.

Fitted Collared Shirts

Get at least one fitted blue collared shirt and a black one. They can be worn with jeans and still tell a woman you have a job. These will be your go-to shirts for most occasions. Stay away from obnoxious patterns and colors as, too often, they don’t make you stand out to women, they make you look silly.

V-neck Sweater

Plain V-necks look slightly preppy and nerdy-cute, two attributes that signal to women you’ve struck a comfortable balance between comfort and style. Save for sentimental sweats, give all your baggy workout clothes to charity, lest you be tempted to wear them out in public.

Actual Shoes

No one’s saying you can’t rock the Converse and suit look. It’s absolutely acceptable, especially if you can wear it to work. However, sneakers are unacceptable for dinner or a club night. In fact, it can be downright insulting to a woman if you show up for a date in dingy running shoes. A good rule of thumb is, if you’re going out after dark, dress as if you’re on trial for your life. Look respectable but not garish. You are, in fact, being judged by a jury of your peers.

mens outfits

Tips for Date Night At Home

cuddle dateDate night at home (i.e. dinner and streaming movies) doesn’t seem like the most exciting proposal, but time, energy and financial constraints often make nights in a necessity. Staying in doesn’t have to be a bore, though. The bottom line is: get creative. Try new interesting additions to the usual dinner and a movie repertoire, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself even more than if you’d gone out.


Make Your Own Movie

Try a twist on movie night. Spend a few hours after dinner crafting a hilarious short film plot line. Make sure you actually type it up, or write it out if necessary. Figure out how many ‘roles’ with ‘costume’ changes each of you can pull off from scene to scene without really doing any video editing or leaving the house. Familiarize yourself with your lines, get out the camera and “Action!”


Do it in The Dark

Recent years have seen a burgeoning trend of upscale restaurants where diners provoke their other senses by dining blindfolded. Try it at home and avoid the embarrassment of making a mess in a fancy restaurant. On your way home, each of you stop off at different markets which carry finer foods, and pick up an array of unusual fares that you wouldn’t normally have around the house. Be careful to avoid anything you would both find gross, however. Think more along the lines of pomegranate; less like cow’s tongue. The goal is to surprise and delight. Take turns blindfolding each other and feeding each other new and different ingredients and discover new likes and dislikes at the same time.


Try a Little Cosplay

Choose a movie that lends to a theme, and break out the craft supplies. Together, you can help each other create theme props and activities to match your film. One example could be cardboard katana to reenact the samurai fight scenes in “Kill Bill,” or paper Guy Fawkes masks and bed sheet capes for a showing of “V for Vendetta.” It might feel cheesy as all get out at first, but it will guarantee a few laughs — at least from your friends the next day.

What Not To Wear On A First Date

First impressions are huge, and how you look on your first date can make all the difference as to whether you have a second. Of course, your sparkling conversation and dry wit make an impact, but people do place a lot of importance on looks. To help you put your best foot forward, here are some tips for men and women about what not to wear on a first date.


Avoid Overly Revealing Clothing.

tight gold shortFor women, don’t put too much of yourself on display. This means avoiding short shorts and tiny skirts, and being careful how much cleavage you’re showing. The last thing you want is for your new date to feel awkward as he tries to avert his eyes. It’s OK to have bare arms or a moderate skirt (preferably one or the other, not both). Keeping more of yourself private makes you mysterious and alluring.

For men, unless you’re in the South, where shorts and flip flops are standard attire all year, avoid these on a first date. Skip the sleeveless shirts, too. Nobody wants to see chicken legs or flabby arms, so keep them covered for now. Wear long pants, a shirt with sleeves, and reasonable shoes. Make an effort to look good and you’re more likely to get a second date.



Avoid Going Overboard

kissy faceDon’t go too far in any direction. For women, take it easy on the makeup so it doesn’t look overdone, and you don’t need to spend hours on your hair. If you met him at the supermarket, you don’t want to show up for the date looking like somebody else. Avoid looking like a caricature, and show off the person you really are to best advantage.

On the men’s side, go for the clean shaven look. Stubble may look good on movie stars, but it’s not the best look for most guys. A beard or mustache is fine, but make sure it’s neatly trimmed. Avoid any messy or unkempt hair or clothing, and be careful with the styling gel, because you don’t to look greasy.


bad shirt disney vintageAvoid Age-Inappropriate Clothing

You don’t need to dress older than you are, in some frumpy dress your Aunt Agatha would have worn.  On the other hand, don’t dress in the latest high school fashions if you’re decades older than that – it can make you look ridiculous or desperate. Select something that’s flattering that fits for your general age range. Stay away from the mickey mouse club or Disney anything. Its not cute and even if it is “cute” is not your goal on a date.

 For men, avoid boyish clothing, such as loud hats or those saggy pants, and stick with a manly look. You also don’t need to overdo it and dress like the senior citizen crowd. Dress within your age range, and look respectable and attractive. You can’t go wrong with classic styles.


Avoid Clothes That Don’t Fit The Situation

tight dress

If you’re going for a hike together, skip the strappy high heels. For a fancy restaurant, your old sweatshirt is not appropriate. At a theme park, you don’t need a pin stripe suit. Showing up in the wrong attire can make you look ridiculous – the last thing you want on a first date. Find out where you’re going, and plan your attire accordingly.

Dating Games To Play On A First Date


In my experience from coaching men in how to be more alluring to women, I have found that , whilst also ensuring you avoid the stereotypical realms of the “interview date” such as:

“What do you do for a living?”

“How old are you?”

“How long have you done that for?”

“Yawn” – So here are some great dating games to play that you can try on your next date or even on your next night out, we often also play these dating games during ourpua training weekends.

couple eating strawberriesDating Games To Play #1: Strawberry Fields.

So you begin by asking the following questions and, as you ask them, you need to remember the answers the woman gives (take note of your answers too as you read the questions).

“You are standing in a field and the next field along is full of loads of nice strawberries – how big is the fence that you have to climb to get to the strawberry field?”

“Now you’re in the field how many strawberries do you take?”

“Okay, now you have the strawberries, how do you feel about the farmer that you took them from?”

So, the size of the fence is an indicator of how difficult you are to sleep with. A high fence means that you put a higher value on who you decide to sleep with and a low fence means that you are much more likely to enjoy the frivolities of sex with various partners.

How many strawberries you take refers to how many sexual partners you desire in your lifetime.

How you feel about the farmer indicates how you feel after you have had sex with someone new.

My personal favourite response was during a pua bootcamp training weekend with two girls, and one answered “I would cook for the farmer” (This is the one to marry!!!). The other said “I don’t care about the farmer” (I leave this one to your imagination).

Dating Games To Play #2: The Doors Game.

This is one of my favourite dating games and works by asking the girl some questions and then explaining the meaning afterwards.

“You are in a light room, no windows and no doors, how do you feel?”

“What is your favourite colour?”

“What is your favourite animal?”

“You’re in front of a large body of water, let’s say the ocean. What do you do there?”

“You are there all day, so what do you do to pass time?”

The room represents how you view death.

The colour represents how you view yourself.

The animal represents how other people view you.

The ocean reflects your attitude to sex.

This game is best played mixed in with other fun dating games as it’s a more serious topic, but if you play this game then you will gain valuable insight into the woman’s emotional level and her views on the world.  It can be very powerful if played at the right time, and also this will improve you pua text game as you can then text the girl later reverting back to her fun answers.

Dating Games To Play #3: Roller Coasters.

This game is fantastic to play in bars and nightclubs and is fantastic to use as part of your pua conversation.  Again, you ask a series of questions before you explain their meaning.

You enter an amusement park and you go to the roller coaster line:

“How long do you wait to get on?” (Indicates how much time you want for foreplay).

“You’re on the ride, going all around, what is the feeling?” (Indicates your feelings during sex).

“Your car plunges into a splash pool at the end, what do you shout?” (What you say at the point of climax).

“Now you go to the merry-go-round but the horse is broken, how you feel?” (This is the girl’s true feeling when a man is impotent in that key moment).

“Now describe the perfect roller coaster ride… shape of track, feeling, etc” (This describes her views on her ideal sex).

This game is just really fun and you can introduce it by saying; “I saw this really fun game on TV last week, let’s play”.  Some of the answers you’ll receive are absolutely hilarious.

Dating Games To Play #4: Leap For Life From A Plane.

Once again it’s a series of questions, and then you explain their meanings afterwards:

“You are on the ground waiting your turn for your first skydive jump, watching other divers free-falling back to earth, what are you thinking/feeling?”(Describes your sexual desire).

“Your turn, you are on the plane, at the door’s edge and jump out, what do you scream?” (What you say at the point of climax during sex).

“You land safely and the instructor approaches you, what is he saying?” (What you imagine your partner tells you after sex).

This game is really entertaining and you can also both laugh about her answers throughout the evening, which is useful if the conversation is going dry as you can always revert back to her answers in this game, or any one of the previous dating games.

If you would like to attract more women in your life then come to one of Gary’s pua training weekends

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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How to Make A Good Dinner Date Impression

You have met a potential date, you want to try out things and have set a date out for dinner. Dinner night is here and you have your clothes picked out and are ready to set things rolling. But you remember that you just don’t know how to go about things on this special night. These simple tips will get you going for the night.

 1.Be There On Time

This is an important factor that you should not overlook. It’s your first night out and you want to create an impression on

after dinner plate

your partner that shows you are organized and punctual. You can only do this by turning up at the agreed point at the agreed time. In case you are held up and late, it is always important to communicate to your partner so as not to keep them waiting. If you will need a taxi, you can arrange for a taxi a few hours earlier just to make sure everything runs perfectly later in the night.

 2. Bring a Gift Along

Bringing a little gift for your partner always goes a long way in making a good impression. Bouquets of flowers for your lady or chocolates to take home after the dinner are good options. Accessories also make good options for gifts. Just try to make the gift inexpensive so as not to overwhelm your new date.

 3. Show Interest in Everything

From the food to the setting and the music, make your partner see and feel that you are enjoying every bit of the dinner. Be open to your date, let them know what you like, what fascinates you on the menu, what you have or have not tried out. Show interest in your partner and ask them about themselves. Make them comfortable around you, talk about general things and feel free to open up to them.

4. Remain Appreciative

You don’t have to wait until the dinner is over; you can say thanks from the start of the night to the very last bit of it. Use kind words in your appreciation; let your partner know how the night was for you and how lucky and proud you are that they invited you for the dinner. You can try out flirting at this stage by complementing how they look, their choice of outfit for the night. You can sum up the dinner by telling them that you would wish to do the dinner once more with them.

Why You Might Suck At First Dates

Restaurant date

What is a great first date idea?

Knowing where to go on a first date can literally be make or break your long term dating potential.  If the date turns out to be boring or generic then the chances are that the relationship is going to get off on the wrong foot before it even begins.

So let’s start with the worst first date ideas:

Going to the cinema – This may be surprising to many but the cinema is actually a terrible first date as it involves sitting down in a silent environment without any interaction with one another.  This conveys a complete lack of planning and is also a sign that you are not used to dating as you’re aiming for minimal conversation.  Never go to the cinema on a first date, instead save this for a later date!!!

Going out for dinner – Dinner has got to be the worst first date possible.  You have to sit opposite someone and eat in front of them when you’re probably not feeling that comfortable.  The attention is on both of you which can put a huge strain on the conversation.  What do you talk about? How do you keep the conversation flowing? The likelihood is that it could end up feeling like an interview with random questions being posed at one another, which is hardly fun!!

Coming straight over for dinner – This is way too desperate and try hard but, believe me, many people still suggest this for a first date.  They can’t comprehend that dating is a process and should be full of many different fun interactions before your date has the opportunity of seeing where you live. It’s also good to keep an air of mystery and hold back showing them your place until you know each other better.

Going for a drink/coffee – This shows no imagination whatsoever and will not help kick start the potential dating process off in the best way possible.  It’s ok to go for a coffee or a drink but only whilst you are on a date! DO NOT make going for a drink the actual date itself!!

Good ideas for first dates

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein

Never has a truer word been spoken, particularly in reference to first dates.  Ideally you want to do something imaginative and significantly, something that will also take the pressure off the interaction between both of you.  This way you can enjoy each other’s company whilst also doing something fun.

Here are a few great examples of where to go on a first date:

Existing event – The key here is to have an interesting lifestyle where you are already going to different events on a frequent basis such as a food festival, a live music gig etc.  You can then invite your potential date along as you are already going; this takes the pressure off the date and makes it much more fun for them to come along with you. Crucially you’ll find that it also makes it easier for them to have  more confidence to say yes.

Shopping – You need to buy a new pair of shoes for a job interview, or a new shirt etc.  The important point here is that you need their opinion on something that you are going to buy; this will give them a purpose and a reason as to why they should come with you.

Mini dating – So meeting them for shopping and then grabbing a coffee, perhaps even being more spontaneous and saying look there’s a bowling ally lets go have a quick game.  The intention is to have several mini (and different) fun interactions which will result in speeding up the connection building process of the first date.

In short, when you are actively going on first dates you need to try and take the pressure off the interaction between you and your date.

The idea here is that the pressure is minimised if you are doing something actively together. As an example there’s a Jamie Oliver restaurant near my house where head chefs host classes in how to cook specific meals… what a great first date as it’s interactive and it’s a fun evening based around great food.

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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