Body Language Of Attraction

The Body Language of Attraction With Gary Gunn of Social Attraction

Learn how to attract women into your life:

Having the correct body language to attract women is a necessity according to the published research of Albert Mehrabin who concluded that:

7% of our communication relates to the importance of the words we use.

38% of our communication refers to tone of voice and inflection.

55% of our communication refers to the importance of body language/face.

With body language making up a huge 55% of our communication with other human beings it’s clear that this is much more important than the specific words or phrases that we use when communicating with women, so much so that learning the correct body language to attract women will ultimately make the difference as to whether you attract her or not.

The Social Attraction Academy has been teaching body language to attract women for the past eight years and here are some of our vital suggestions.

Never hold your drink in front of your chest — always hold your drink by the top of the glass and hold it down to your side. This conveys open body language making you instantly look more confident. Next time you’re in a social environment take a look at every other man in the venue and you’ll notice how closed his body language is simply by where he is holding his drink. So put hold your drink down to your side to help convey the right body language to attract women.


Never lean in when you are talking to women — this is key when learning body language to attract women. Even if you find yourself in a club or bar where the music is really loud do not lean in. Just stand straight and speak louder, you’ll find that women will lean into you to hear you. This is very important as by leaning in you are giving away some of your power and you do not want to do that from the outset.

When you sit down take up as much room as possible — spread out your arm to the back of the chair and simply take up as much space as possible as this conveys dominance. Also try and get the main chair at the table where you are open to seeing the whole venue, as this way it’s easier to see what is happening around you and your body language to attract women will be on show for all to see.

Posture — make sure that you are not slouching or leaning over with your shoulders slumped over. If you change your posture this will actually make you feel and look more confident.

Personal hygiene — make sure that you take pride in your appearance and that you have shaved and are wearing deodorant and aftershave. All of these are small points but women will pick up on all of them, so why not look and smell your best when you meet women?