Best Ways To Approach a Girl

approachIf a girl seems unapproachable, it’s probably because she’s worth the trepidation: the momentary smile, the way she absentmindedly curls her hair around one finger while she chats with friends, the shape of her hips in those jeans. No eye-roll worthy pick-up line is going to suffice — you need to bring a pistol to this knife fight.


Be Napolean Bone-aparte

Confidence is key. You’ve got a dog in this race, and by dog we mean, your penis. But don’t let the wrong head craft your war plan. Tread lightly, because even if this isn’t your dream girl, treating the situation like it’s no ordinary come-on will mean success will surely be yours.


Leave the Cheese at La Fromagerie

And know what the hell a fromagerie is. It might sound crazy, but you need to have a classy conversation with a girl before you ever ask for her number. Knowing a thing or two about something other than football and basketball is the best way to get her interested. Pull out your smart phone and check what has happened in foreign policy that day, and come up with an intelligent and thought-provoking foray into a conversation. Smart guys are sexy, because they’re usually successful, but don’t sound too nerdy, or she might feel like she showed up to class without studying for the test. If you can sit down next to her, pull out your phone and act like you’re reading the news for the first time, and look over to her as though you just had to get her opinion on what happened.


Don’t Be a Guy Friend

The inherent danger in the non-sexual convo approach is that you might actually get along. You might unwittingly stumble into Just-a-friend-ville — and that’s no where you want to be. Make sure she knows you desire her: Every woman is flattered by subtle clues you want her. Make constant intense eye contact (win the staring contest!) and remember details about her life to bring up later in the conversation.


Be Sexy, Not Overzealous

In between chapters of conversation, inject delicate flirtations such as handing her a drink but holding it a few seconds too long. How you look at her should (and will) tell her everything about what you want, and who you are. Just don’t be creepy, or you’ve just blown your chances. Subtlety is key, after all, you just met, and she has a lot more to lose than you.


Set a Deadline on Your Next Chapter

If she’s worth all of this trouble, then you’re likely not the first suitor she’s encountered, and you’re certainly not the last — or even the best. Make sure you don’t end up a crumpled business card in the bottom of her purse by setting the stage for the next meeting. If you talked about wine, tell her you were thinking about going to a local winery or tasting and ask her along. If she mentioned she hates golf tell her you feel you both should give the entire sport a chance at the putting range. Make sure you’re not just asking her out on ‘to dinner,’ and she’s way more likely to be intrigued.


How To Make A Woman Want You

woman seducingIf the animal instinct has already set in and your eye contact tells you there’s a chance she wants you, your next move is to strategize your attack. It’s also time to play a little offensive defense: as successful as your fight plan may be, you’re going to have to pull off a few stealth moves that have her helping in her own defeat.


Keep the Upper Hand

If she’s a seven, you need to be an 8.5. If she’s better looking, make sure you come off as more successful. If she’s a stellar athlete, or a dancer, make sure she knows you’re renowned in your particular section of the business world. Everyone always wants to ‘date up,’ make sure she knows you’re a challenge for her.


Thwart Biology

Taller men are biologically more appealing to women, but if you don’t happen to have a height advantage, then take advantage of your other big muscle: your brain. Always have good posture, a classy walk, and deliberate movements. Always have unwavering eye contact, remain unaffected by trivial events, and be witty and intelligent. All of these qualities are surprisingly attractive to women, so what you lack in brawn, you can make up for in brainpower.


Be Unavailable

No matter how sophisticated she is, having to pursue you will drive her crazy (in a good way). Women are used to being pursued, not the other way around, so making her work for her time with you will always leave her wanting more. She will never get bored with the chase because it keeps her too busy. Don’t be an absentee lover, however. If she’s highly desirable, there inevitably will be more suitors out there, and you don’t want to lose your edge on the competition.


Stay Out of the Friend Zone

Make it clear that the only acceptable relationship for the two of you is a romantic one, just don’t be crass about it. You want to be friends of course, but you’re looking for a seriously intense romance, too. Make that proposition appealing, or you’re going to end up solidly in the dreaded ‘friend zone,’ which is incredibly hard to come back from.


Be the Good Guy

At the end of the day, she still wants you to take care of her. You sometimes want to seem aloof in your relationship, but if she thinks you don’t care if she sees other guys, she probably will. You still have to be protective: be her hero. Don’t forget it’s still pretty fair to call dating a ‘game.’ Too much bluffing without a few genuinely good hands will leave you bust.


Body Language Of Attraction

The Body Language of Attraction With Gary Gunn of Social Attraction

Learn how to attract women into your life:

Having the correct body language to attract women is a necessity according to the published research of Albert Mehrabin who concluded that:

7% of our communication relates to the importance of the words we use.

38% of our communication refers to tone of voice and inflection.

55% of our communication refers to the importance of body language/face.

With body language making up a huge 55% of our communication with other human beings it’s clear that this is much more important than the specific words or phrases that we use when communicating with women, so much so that learning the correct body language to attract women will ultimately make the difference as to whether you attract her or not.

The Social Attraction Academy has been teaching body language to attract women for the past eight years and here are some of our vital suggestions.

Never hold your drink in front of your chest — always hold your drink by the top of the glass and hold it down to your side. This conveys open body language making you instantly look more confident. Next time you’re in a social environment take a look at every other man in the venue and you’ll notice how closed his body language is simply by where he is holding his drink. So put hold your drink down to your side to help convey the right body language to attract women.


Never lean in when you are talking to women — this is key when learning body language to attract women. Even if you find yourself in a club or bar where the music is really loud do not lean in. Just stand straight and speak louder, you’ll find that women will lean into you to hear you. This is very important as by leaning in you are giving away some of your power and you do not want to do that from the outset.

When you sit down take up as much room as possible — spread out your arm to the back of the chair and simply take up as much space as possible as this conveys dominance. Also try and get the main chair at the table where you are open to seeing the whole venue, as this way it’s easier to see what is happening around you and your body language to attract women will be on show for all to see.

Posture — make sure that you are not slouching or leaning over with your shoulders slumped over. If you change your posture this will actually make you feel and look more confident.

Personal hygiene — make sure that you take pride in your appearance and that you have shaved and are wearing deodorant and aftershave. All of these are small points but women will pick up on all of them, so why not look and smell your best when you meet women?

What Not To Wear On A First Date

First impressions are huge, and how you look on your first date can make all the difference as to whether you have a second. Of course, your sparkling conversation and dry wit make an impact, but people do place a lot of importance on looks. To help you put your best foot forward, here are some tips for men and women about what not to wear on a first date.


Avoid Overly Revealing Clothing.

tight gold shortFor women, don’t put too much of yourself on display. This means avoiding short shorts and tiny skirts, and being careful how much cleavage you’re showing. The last thing you want is for your new date to feel awkward as he tries to avert his eyes. It’s OK to have bare arms or a moderate skirt (preferably one or the other, not both). Keeping more of yourself private makes you mysterious and alluring.

For men, unless you’re in the South, where shorts and flip flops are standard attire all year, avoid these on a first date. Skip the sleeveless shirts, too. Nobody wants to see chicken legs or flabby arms, so keep them covered for now. Wear long pants, a shirt with sleeves, and reasonable shoes. Make an effort to look good and you’re more likely to get a second date.



Avoid Going Overboard

kissy faceDon’t go too far in any direction. For women, take it easy on the makeup so it doesn’t look overdone, and you don’t need to spend hours on your hair. If you met him at the supermarket, you don’t want to show up for the date looking like somebody else. Avoid looking like a caricature, and show off the person you really are to best advantage.

On the men’s side, go for the clean shaven look. Stubble may look good on movie stars, but it’s not the best look for most guys. A beard or mustache is fine, but make sure it’s neatly trimmed. Avoid any messy or unkempt hair or clothing, and be careful with the styling gel, because you don’t to look greasy.


bad shirt disney vintageAvoid Age-Inappropriate Clothing

You don’t need to dress older than you are, in some frumpy dress your Aunt Agatha would have worn.  On the other hand, don’t dress in the latest high school fashions if you’re decades older than that – it can make you look ridiculous or desperate. Select something that’s flattering that fits for your general age range. Stay away from the mickey mouse club or Disney anything. Its not cute and even if it is “cute” is not your goal on a date.

 For men, avoid boyish clothing, such as loud hats or those saggy pants, and stick with a manly look. You also don’t need to overdo it and dress like the senior citizen crowd. Dress within your age range, and look respectable and attractive. You can’t go wrong with classic styles.


Avoid Clothes That Don’t Fit The Situation

tight dress

If you’re going for a hike together, skip the strappy high heels. For a fancy restaurant, your old sweatshirt is not appropriate. At a theme park, you don’t need a pin stripe suit. Showing up in the wrong attire can make you look ridiculous – the last thing you want on a first date. Find out where you’re going, and plan your attire accordingly.