How You’re Turning Women Off Without Even Knowing It

How you’re turning women off without knowing it – things that guys do wrong when approaching women.

By: Gary Gunn

Stop Repulsing womenDuring the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new you will automatically set off their instinctual ‘fight or flight’ response, and further to this you then have another 90 seconds to frame your whole relationship with that person. So how they speak to you in an hour, how the treat you in a year and how the respect you in 10 years time always come down to the first 2 minutes of any new interaction.

So the first aim, objective and task of approaching women is to nullify their fight or flight response, so here are my top 4 tips on how to avoid turning women off.

How to approach women mistake #1: Body Language

The easiest way to make sure that you are not going to subtly switch a woman off is to point your body away from the woman you are talking to, if you stand directly facing her it will only heighten her fight or flight response and make her feel more uncomfortable. This means in reality she will want you to leave as soon as possible.

The other subtle body language error to avoid is leaning in, make sure that you are standing up straight and even if the music is loud – DO NOT LEAN IN, this is one of the worst mistakes that will turn women off instantly.

How to approach women mistake #2: Tempo of Speech

The reality is that when you approach women you will be feeling an anxiety about speaking to them and automatically you will start to speak quicker which unfortunately conveys a lack of confidence.

Remembering that you need to speak slower will help but if you manage to hold eye contact with the girl then this will automatically slow down your speech and you will come across as far more confident.

How to approach women mistake #3: Conversational Topic

It sounds obvious but choose your topic of conversation wisely, do not tell stories that make you out to be an idiot or stupid. Even if you think it’s a funny story make sure that you think about what you are conveying about yourself.

Examples of good topics are relationships, travel, music, asking their opinion on something or Astrology.

How to approach women mistake #4: Lead

When you start a new conversation with a woman or a group of women you need to lead the conversation, if they conversation flows on to ‘what do you do for a living’ or another generic conversation topic then the woman will switch off. So the skill here is to control the conversation at all costs and make sure it stays interesting and fun!

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Written by Gary Gunn Based in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specializing in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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