How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

You meet a girl at a club one night, spend a couple of hours talking, and feel like you’re hitting it off. Perhaps you date for a couple of weeks, and it seems good to you, but you just can’t tell what she’s thinking. Is she really into you, or is she just thinking of you as friend material – somebody to hang out with?

Women send out secret cues when they’re into a guy. If you learn how to read these signals, you’ll have the inside scoop, and you’ll never again have to guess what she’s really thinking.
couple beach hug1. She lights up when you’re around. When a woman sees the guy she wants, her eyes will widen, and eyebrows lift slightly. This is a subtle move, but highly reliable, since it’s innate and subconscious, and everyone does it. There are also more obvious ways she lights up. If she’s into you, when you’re around, she’ll become more animated. Lots of smiles are a great sign!

2. She gazes into your eyes. If you’re talking at the bar, does she look into your face, and hang on every word, or is she glancing around the place and eyeing the guys at the next table? In casual conversation, staring can be uncomfortable, but the rules are changed when romance is in the air. If she’s focused on your eyes, that’s a sign that she’s really interested in you.

3. She likes to touch. People like to maintain their own private space, but invading that space and physically touching each other is a non-verbal way to show you like each other. Don’t read too much into this if you’re packed onto a rush hour subway car, but if she touches you when she doesn’t need to, that’s a sure sign of affection. She may touch your shoulder when pointing something out, or brush against you going through a door. She’ll also respond well if you put an arm around her. If she’s into you, she’ll like the contact.

4. She calls just to talk. Things aren’t the same as they used to be, where the rule was the guy always called the girl. Modern women can call you anytime. The question is why she calls. Is it because her car’s in the shop and she needs a ride? That one is hard to evaluate – she might like the excuse to be with you, but she could think of you as just a friend. On the other hand, if she calls just to talk, that’s certainly a good sign.

5. You get gifts or favors. If a woman gives you gifts, it’s a signal that she’s into you. It doesn’t need to be a Ferrari – it could be a coffee mug with your favorite football team. The point is that she’s thinking of you, and doing something to make you happy. The same thing applies if she does favors for you. If she goes out of her way to pick up your dry cleaning, she’s into you for sure.

6. She likes making plans with you. If she’s into you, she wants to spend time together, and the more the better. This includes all kinds of plans. It could be as simple as seeing the latest blockbuster together, or as romantic as making candlelit dinner for you at her place. By the time you start planning a Caribbean vacation together, you know she’s in love.