How To Attract Women

In order to know what attracts women we must first understand exactly what attraction is.

If you look in any number of dictionaries you’ll find attraction listed as enticement, allurement, fascination and charm. All of a sudden it take on a mysterious yet almost enigmatic quality and that is because quite simply attraction is invisible.
It just doesn’t exist in our three dimensional world, we can’t see it, we can’t hear it, we can’t taste it, we can’t touch it and we can’t smell it.

So what can we do with it?…We can feel it. Attraction is a feeling, an instinct, nothing more nothing less, and this is pivotal in understanding how to attract women.

Scientific studies since the 19th Century when Charles Darwin first published his theory of evolution in 1859 in the book titled “On the origin of species” prove that females of all species including humans are attracted to the highest possible value male of the group, and this is vitally important when learning how to attract women.

Therefore, to comprehend exactly what Darwin meant by value we need to take a brief look at the ways different species attract mates to understand how we, ourselves, can learn how to attract women. Only then does multitude of understanding materialise.

OK, if we go all David Attenborough and look at some examples:

The peacock with the biggest and brightest feathers mates with not only one, but all of the peahens ie: He who looks the best, gets ALL of the females.

Flightless cormorants from the Galapagos Islands, as well as many other of our feathered friends, conduct mating dances or rituals that can be described as beautiful, aquatic waltzes. That is to say — He who dances the best, gets the bird.

To put this into a human perspective in regards with how to attract women, we only need to look at a famous actor such as Brad Pitt, whose looks have never failed him …………think Gwyneth, think Jennifer and now think Angelina!!

A dancer such as Justin Timberlake doesn’t struggle in knowing how to attract women. In a nutshell Darwin’s rules of how to attract women still apply, in that our genetics and DNA are still wired the same way as animals.

Now, we don’t have time to teach you all how to sing and dance or look like Brad Pitt, not that we have to, because learning how to attract women via their emotional response system is far simpler