Choose Your Own Adventure- Which Flingette is For You?

Which of these women would you like to have a Fling with most

Which Flingette is your #1 choice?

Which Flingette is your #1 choice?

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The Art Of Manliness – How to Tie A Tie in 60 Seconds

Four - in Han - Necktie Knot

Four – in Han – Necktie Knot

What To Do When They Don’t Get That The Fling Is Over

A romance, an affair, a fling—whichever term you want to call it. You and your partner forge the bonds of lust in a no-strings-attached fashion. However, after the casual enjoyment loses its luster, you want to move on to bigger or tighter things. The casual nature of the encounter ensures that the companionship will end quick and clean with one swipe from the swift blade of boredom.(Unless you’ve decide that you actually want to date your Flinger with the hopes of starting a relationship which belongs in another story). Whatever the reason, you want to end the fling.

Breakups hurt whether you experienced a fling or a full-fledged committed relationship with another person. In some instances, the Breakee doesn’t know how to let go of the Breaker. They may developed feelings or an attachment to you. Now, they still call and text you even though the flame has long since burnt out. They like photos ,tweet at you, and even the bold will contact you via FaceBook message. Maybe they even stop by your residence “Just to say hi”. You’re now stuck in a rather unsavory situation.

If your fling doesn’t quite want to come to grips with your goodbyes, panic not : the-one-dance-romance experts of have solutions.

IGNORE: Ignore this person. Do not respond at all to anything. No more ‘Hey’s” or one word answers. warning : they will persist. Keep pushing onward and perhaps their pile of unanswered texts, mountain of missed calls, and cache of unread Facebook messages will guide them towards the realization that it really is over.Our guess is that this likely isn’t panning out if you’re reading this article.

CONTACT: If after 2 weeks of continued messaging after launching the ignore tactic they are still trying to permeate your fortress change it up and open the gates. Contact them again and reiterate that the Fling has ended. Do so firmly. Do not flirt. Do not smile. Do not tell them you had fun while it lasted. Hopefully, at that point they will understand that you really have had enough.

RESTRAIN: If the problem persists you’ve got a serious case of Overly Attached Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Contact police and possibly obtain a restraining order. To avoid these troubles, set clear guidelines about your fling before it begins, including the intention. Don’t play games. If everyone knows what’s on the table in the beginning you will not have to deal with a stage 5 cling-on in the end.



5 Ways To Spot A Liar

Lying Suspicious Look

Lying is a deception that most people indulge in at different times in their life. If you know how it is not hard to find out if someone is lying to you. All you need to do is look out for these 5 certain behaviors and body language:

Tone variation: If a person is lying to you, they are usually worried that they might get caught. They feel guilty and are more prone to making speech errors. They will also hesitate before saying anything because they are usually tense. A liar will often speak in an agitated manner and use a high pitched voice due to the increased tension in their vocal chords.

Inconsistency: One way to catch a liar is to look for inconsistencies in their story. Such people will talk about an event that they attended, but forget to include relevant information, such as the venue, the time or the date. Consequently, if you ask such an individual to repeat the story after a short period of time, they will forget some of the details, a clear indication that they are lying.

Poor eye contact: There is an old adage that liars never look you in the eye, which is quite true. A person will avoid looking directly at you when lying, or glance away and blink their eyes consistently. They fear that if you look closely, you might actually discover their deception.

Facial expressions: A liar will try to use a smile to disguise their true feelings. However, if you look closely, you will notice the smile is not genuine and merely lasts for a few seconds. Consequently, they will keep on nibbling their lips or break into a sweat due to the anxiety resulting from lying.

Barriers: Liars will try to create distance or barriers between you and the truth. This could include small steps that turn the body away, hands covering the mouth or even slightly touching the mouth. They could also move objects that are on a table or counter between the two of you such as a pen, plate, or stepping behind larger objects.

Who Wants A Fling? (Infographic) Adult Dating Website, has gathered the stats on all of our users and compiled it into some very intriguing facts about how Americans hook-up online. We now present the exciting world of Flingers of America !
Fling hookup inforgraphic

4 Fall Fling Date Outfits

So he’s asked you out and now you have to figure out what to wear!

Crisis averted – here are 4 first date outfits for fall that will leave your date wanting more long after the evening has ended.  Its important to consider the nature of the date : where is he taking you? Is there a dress code? Is it calling for sunshine or rain?  Remember: be sexy, but be modest


Jeans Jacket and Top

1. Jeans , a Nice Shirt, Jacket and/or Scarf

This is a great outfit if you will be walking into a date that has an unknown temperature; like restaurants that have the A/C cranked or no A/C at all. The jacket and scarf features allow for the dismantling of the outfit to adjust to your climate. This is an especially tricky task when dealing with the ups-and downs of fall weather.  Pit stains are a no-no on the first date.



Cute Dress, Nice Shoes & Matching Clutch

2.Cute Dress, Nice Shoes & Matching Clutch

This outfit is great for first dates because it shows your inner femininity. The dress can be chosen to match your personality by picking a pattern that you like or a colour that suits your skin tone well.  It’s a versatile outfit that will suit casual to more classy first dates. For instance if you know he’s taking you to dinner but don’t know what kind of restaurant. A fall dress can be worn to a ballpark for franks or to an upscale a la carte




Leggings , Long Top & Bangles

3.  Leggings , Long Top & Bangles

Leggings are a good choice for the dinner and a movie date combo. They look nice enough to be seen in public while also being a comfortable choice for 2+ hours in a movie theater. Leggings paired with a long shirt make a good impression while giving you the benefits of your sweats.  It is key that you wear top that comes to the mid-thigh as most tights will be see through  as they stretch over your beautiful behind! Your sparkled panties, though carefully selected I’m sure, are not something your date should be glimpsing on a first date.  If it suits your personality try pleather/leather or patterened leggings with a plain top.



Little Black Dress

4. The Little Black Dress

There’s a reason why this has been a classic for years.  It’s survived the turning of the trends because of versatility.  Not to mention the magic of slimming  black combined with a well cut dress. You can use accessories to dress up or dress down to suit the occasion. When considering accessories on a first date that does not mean a belt , a hat, a necklace, several bracelets, earrings and outrageous shoes… plus a hat. It means: select a few accessories that coordinate or complement each other well to suit the occasion

  If nothing else, take away these two golden rules: Don’t dress too crazy – you want him to get to know you not your outfit, and be comfortable so that you can really be yourself and get to know him. That’s the point of it all, right?


Is Your Significant Other Cheating On You?

You have a sneaking suspicion something is up.They’re acting different and things don’t seem the same between you. If you are wondering if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you look no further. Here are 4 key tips to help you figure ot if your boyfriend or girlfriend is dancing dirty with another partner.

 girl rejecting guy

The Fountain Of Sex Has Run Dry

If you and your significant other haven’t had sex in months or its been so long that you can’t remember, then this is a major warning sign. When people are sexually satisfied with another they often lose the desire to initiate sexual contact with their partner.

Test This Theory: Try and initiate sexual contact and if they make excuses or completely blow you off, then you know something is up. If you try again numerous times and they just aren’t “feelin’ it”, then most likely they’re getting their fix somewhere else.


texting in bed

They Always Have Their Phone On Them

All of the sudden your partner won’t go anywhere without their phone- and never says who they are constantly texting. They start keeping their cell on them or turned over screen down when its laying out. If you do suspect something ask who it is . If that fails check their phone and read their text messages. A person’s cell phone is like their secret diary. If your significant other has their phone attached to them, even in the bathroom, then they are hiding something or have a serious cellular addiction.

Test This Theory : Ask to look at their phone and see what they say. If they truly have nothing to hide, they’ll give it to you, or leave it out, unattached to them.

 lipstick on the collar

They Are Always Working Late

The oldest one in the book. Its tried and true. If your significant other keeps canceling dates on you or continuously comes home late then this is a red flag. Make sure they are really at work or where they tell you they are. You do not want to be the last to know that John or Jane left work 6 hours ago.

Test This Theory : Call to say hello or stop by with a surprise. If they aren’t cheating they will be happy to hear from /see you. If they are cheating … they won’t be there.


trust your instinct

Listen To Your Gut

Its a horrible feeling but in all honesty, your gut will tell you the truth. If all of the above things are happening, then most likely, you’re being cheated. The truth will always come out so trust your gut and decide whether you want to be there when it does.

Test This Theory : If you find yourself making excuses and rationalizing then your gut is telling you its wrong.


Even If they aren’t cheating who wants to be in a loveless, non-communicative, neglectful relationship that makes you feel uneasy anyways?