How to Pick Up a Guy With A Girlfriend

hand holdPicking up a guy with a girlfriend doesn’t have to be the sleazy endeavor it seems to be at first. A lot of guys are stuck in dead-end relationships, or are simply not dating up to their potential. When you do get inspired to come on to a guy with a girlfriend, enjoy the power and control it affords you in an often chaotic world — and keep a few of the following things in mind.

Screw Karma
If you have any feelings of guilt about what you’re about to do, leave your inhibitions at the door, or leave him alone. At the end of the day, no one is making him do anything he doesn’t want to do, and no one can blame you if you don’t blame yourself. If you go in guilty, he’ll sense it, and feel it too.

Be Hotter than Her
The revenge screw is one of the fastest ways to pick up a guy with a girlfriend. However, guys know that if they’re going to stray from the cow at home, it better be one tasty milkshake, so you need to be at the top of your game. After all, they’ve got their relationship on the line here, so they are going to want to trade up, not down.

Turn Up the Charm
You might not be used to having to try very hard to pick up guys, but if he has a girlfriend, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Be charming, interesting and kind. Sweep him off his feet; challenge him and make him want to capture you. Successfully turn the tables, and he’ll be too busy trying to conquer you to worry about what he’s doing.

Don’t Chat About the GF
Keep the focus on the exciting sexy things he wants to do with you instead of the looming GF problem. Don’t inspire him to think too much by comparing the two of you, or let him cultivate feelings of guilt. The more you remind him he has a girlfriend, the harder your hook up is going to be.

Be Discrete
If you’re in public setting, be considerate that he might be trying to hook up with you on the sly, but feels uncomfortable asking that of you outright. Help him out. Slip him your number very discreetly for a later meet-up, or create a rouse disguising why you’re giving him the digits, such as work-related business. If you’re at the point of trying to leave together, pick a place outside of the venue where no one will see you waiting for him. Tell him you’re going to walk outside and wait for him there for 10 or even 15 minutes. If no one sees you leaving together, you just gave him plausible deniability if word ever got back to his girlfriend.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Jerk

jerk cartoonSo you just entered into a relationship and you’re over the moon, but some nagging doubts are creeping up somewhere in the back of your mind. Love goggles can be quite dark, so pay attention to the warning signs that you’re dating a jerk, and you’ll be less likely to get hurt later on.


1.He Makes You Pay For Everything: Women’s lib tends to dictate that if we want to be treated as equals, we should split the check every time. But what woman doesn’t like him to at least offer to pay the majority of the time?


2.He Flirts with Others in Front of You: For most women, this is a down-right deal breaker. If you forgive him for it once or twice, expect a third.

3.He Tries to Change You: If he’s not happy with you, then why is he dating you? He didn’t have a problem with any way that you behaved on your first dates. Once you’ve slept with him or you’ve settled into a relationship, however, he wants you to be a different person. Red flag!

stop being a jerk


4.He Projects His Insecurities on You: If he makes you feel fat but you and your closest friends all agree you don’t have even a small issue with weight, he’s projecting. Lots of people try to make other people feel miserable because they aren’t happy with themselves.

 5.He Talks About Threesomes… a Lot: Sure there’s nothing wrong with joking about bringing another girl into the mix even if you have expressed that you’re not into it, but if he mentions threesomes obsessively when you’ve been clear on the subject, he’s obviously not giving up the fantasy regardless of your feelings.

6.He Doesn’t Care About Your Needs in Bed: Jerk move Numero Uno is consistently getting off without much regard for how good a time you’re having. No one says you both have to have earth-shattering orgasms every single time, but if you’re constantly finding yourself at the low end of the satisfaction spectrum, it’s time to change up.

7.He Can’t Get Over His Ex: Your guy’s interaction with his ex-girlfriend might not be a big deal to you. For example, if they have a kid together, you can’t expect there to be absolutely nothing between them. However, if he’s constantly meeting up with an ex and knows it bothers you, he’s not being very considerate of how you feel.

8.He’s Obsessed With Porn And/Or Video Games: There really can only be two people in your relationship. So if you feel like you’re sharing your boyfriend with anyone named Ryu, Misty, Link or Jenna, then he needs to spend more time getting to a next level with your relationship, not with his controller in his hand. (Inside tip: Lara Croft counts as both a video game and a porn obsession.)


 9.He Ignores You: If you feel like you can’t get your boyfriend to respond to your calls and text messages in a timely fashion, you’ll eventually feel like you’re dating his smartphone more than him.


10.Your Friends and Family Hate Him: Your besties aren’t wearing your rose-colored heart-shaped love goggles, so take cues from them if you’re not sure. After all, how many times has it happened that you realize you have been dating a jerk, and not one of your friends and family disliked him all along?smartphone more than him.


Tips for Date Night At Home

cuddle dateDate night at home (i.e. dinner and streaming movies) doesn’t seem like the most exciting proposal, but time, energy and financial constraints often make nights in a necessity. Staying in doesn’t have to be a bore, though. The bottom line is: get creative. Try new interesting additions to the usual dinner and a movie repertoire, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself even more than if you’d gone out.


Make Your Own Movie

Try a twist on movie night. Spend a few hours after dinner crafting a hilarious short film plot line. Make sure you actually type it up, or write it out if necessary. Figure out how many ‘roles’ with ‘costume’ changes each of you can pull off from scene to scene without really doing any video editing or leaving the house. Familiarize yourself with your lines, get out the camera and “Action!”


Do it in The Dark

Recent years have seen a burgeoning trend of upscale restaurants where diners provoke their other senses by dining blindfolded. Try it at home and avoid the embarrassment of making a mess in a fancy restaurant. On your way home, each of you stop off at different markets which carry finer foods, and pick up an array of unusual fares that you wouldn’t normally have around the house. Be careful to avoid anything you would both find gross, however. Think more along the lines of pomegranate; less like cow’s tongue. The goal is to surprise and delight. Take turns blindfolding each other and feeding each other new and different ingredients and discover new likes and dislikes at the same time.


Try a Little Cosplay

Choose a movie that lends to a theme, and break out the craft supplies. Together, you can help each other create theme props and activities to match your film. One example could be cardboard katana to reenact the samurai fight scenes in “Kill Bill,” or paper Guy Fawkes masks and bed sheet capes for a showing of “V for Vendetta.” It might feel cheesy as all get out at first, but it will guarantee a few laughs — at least from your friends the next day.

Top 10 Things Men Want From You

couple in bed

Men have needs and wants, too. If you give him some of these  things (and it’s not hard), then your relationship could be happier than ever. Here are the top 10 things men want from you.



1. Listen To Him

Everybody in the world, men and women, want to be heard and recognized as a person. The key is to actively listen to him, understanding what he’s saying, and learning a little bit more about him. Empathetic listening shows that you truly care about him.


2. Stay In Shape

You want him to stay in shape and healthy, right? Well, he wants the same thing from you. When you make the effort to work out, eat healthy, and stay in shape it makes you more attractive to him. It also makes it more likely he will do the same.


3. Sexy Lingerie

This can be quite a turn on for men. He may be into you even without the this, but when you have a sexy set of lacy lingerie, it will turn things up a notch. Go ahead and splurge on a nice set. He’s sure to appreciate it, though he may not want to see you in it for long.


4. Stripping For Him

Men are highly visual, and there are few things they’d like to see more than you putting on a private strip show for them. Every once in awhile, if you put on some music and do a little strip tease act, he will react enthusiastically.


5. Give Him A Gift

Any excuse will do – Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or the second Friday in the month. Just try to think of a gift that he’ll really love, not one that would be good for him. Giving him the latest tech gadget he wants is very cool, but a new set of weights might not go over so well.


6. Playing A Part

A lot of guys would like to add some spice to their love life by indulging in a little role playing.  When you broach the subject, ask him what part he’d like you to play. He may want to go shopping with you for the costume.


7. Positive Words

Everybody wants to hear good things about themselves. They want to know that you think they’re smart, sexy, funny, and good-looking. This boosts their self esteem and their confidence, and makes them feel better about themselves and about you.


8. Experimenting In Bed

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may be shy about it, but try to stay open to new positions, or using toys. Communication, trust, and love make this work, and he’s sure to enjoy it.


9. Home Cooking

You know what they say about the way to a man’s heart, and there’s certainly some truth to this. Surprise him now and then by making him a home cooked meal. He’ll be impressed with your talents, and happy that you made the effort.


10. Be More Vocal In Bed

He wants to know that what he’s doing is really making you excited, so go ahead and tell him. When you let him know that you love what he’s doing, that gets him more excited, too. He’ll feel more confident, and he’ll also know more about how to make you ecstatic.



Top 5 Ways to Catch a Man’s Attention

It’s not everyday that a woman will actually try to get a man’s attention. In fact, most of the time they’re trying their best to get men to leave them alone. However, there are those rare occasions when a woman is interested in a man and they’ll try a few tricks to get a guy to notice them.


girls in front of mirror doing makeup selfie

Short Dresses/Skirts

A girl with great legs is sure to catch a man’s attention with a short skirt. Add a pair of high heels to that equation and you’re sure to turn some heads.


High Heels

Whether you call them pumps, heels or “F” me shoes, to most men, there’s nothing sexier than a woman in high heels.


The Right Makeup

Some men like that deep red lipstick and heavy eyeshadow look. Others like the all natural look. But, chances are that if you’re a woman who sticks to one look, the opposite (taken to a certain extreme) might just turn him on.


A Nice Sports Car

leaning on bugatti hot girl

It’s typical for a man to try and catch a woman’s attention with a nice car, but a woman with a sweet ride can be the ultimate “man trap”.


It might seem weird to some women but smiling at a guy might be the easiest way to catch his attention. As soon as he sees that you’re acknowledging him, he’ll be putty in your hands.

 coffee shop love sign

What Not To Wear On A First Date

First impressions are huge, and how you look on your first date can make all the difference as to whether you have a second. Of course, your sparkling conversation and dry wit make an impact, but people do place a lot of importance on looks. To help you put your best foot forward, here are some tips for men and women about what not to wear on a first date.


Avoid Overly Revealing Clothing.

tight gold shortFor women, don’t put too much of yourself on display. This means avoiding short shorts and tiny skirts, and being careful how much cleavage you’re showing. The last thing you want is for your new date to feel awkward as he tries to avert his eyes. It’s OK to have bare arms or a moderate skirt (preferably one or the other, not both). Keeping more of yourself private makes you mysterious and alluring.

For men, unless you’re in the South, where shorts and flip flops are standard attire all year, avoid these on a first date. Skip the sleeveless shirts, too. Nobody wants to see chicken legs or flabby arms, so keep them covered for now. Wear long pants, a shirt with sleeves, and reasonable shoes. Make an effort to look good and you’re more likely to get a second date.



Avoid Going Overboard

kissy faceDon’t go too far in any direction. For women, take it easy on the makeup so it doesn’t look overdone, and you don’t need to spend hours on your hair. If you met him at the supermarket, you don’t want to show up for the date looking like somebody else. Avoid looking like a caricature, and show off the person you really are to best advantage.

On the men’s side, go for the clean shaven look. Stubble may look good on movie stars, but it’s not the best look for most guys. A beard or mustache is fine, but make sure it’s neatly trimmed. Avoid any messy or unkempt hair or clothing, and be careful with the styling gel, because you don’t to look greasy.


bad shirt disney vintageAvoid Age-Inappropriate Clothing

You don’t need to dress older than you are, in some frumpy dress your Aunt Agatha would have worn.  On the other hand, don’t dress in the latest high school fashions if you’re decades older than that – it can make you look ridiculous or desperate. Select something that’s flattering that fits for your general age range. Stay away from the mickey mouse club or Disney anything. Its not cute and even if it is “cute” is not your goal on a date.

 For men, avoid boyish clothing, such as loud hats or those saggy pants, and stick with a manly look. You also don’t need to overdo it and dress like the senior citizen crowd. Dress within your age range, and look respectable and attractive. You can’t go wrong with classic styles.


Avoid Clothes That Don’t Fit The Situation

tight dress

If you’re going for a hike together, skip the strappy high heels. For a fancy restaurant, your old sweatshirt is not appropriate. At a theme park, you don’t need a pin stripe suit. Showing up in the wrong attire can make you look ridiculous – the last thing you want on a first date. Find out where you’re going, and plan your attire accordingly.

Dating Games To Play On A First Date


In my experience from coaching men in how to be more alluring to women, I have found that , whilst also ensuring you avoid the stereotypical realms of the “interview date” such as:

“What do you do for a living?”

“How old are you?”

“How long have you done that for?”

“Yawn” – So here are some great dating games to play that you can try on your next date or even on your next night out, we often also play these dating games during ourpua training weekends.

couple eating strawberriesDating Games To Play #1: Strawberry Fields.

So you begin by asking the following questions and, as you ask them, you need to remember the answers the woman gives (take note of your answers too as you read the questions).

“You are standing in a field and the next field along is full of loads of nice strawberries – how big is the fence that you have to climb to get to the strawberry field?”

“Now you’re in the field how many strawberries do you take?”

“Okay, now you have the strawberries, how do you feel about the farmer that you took them from?”

So, the size of the fence is an indicator of how difficult you are to sleep with. A high fence means that you put a higher value on who you decide to sleep with and a low fence means that you are much more likely to enjoy the frivolities of sex with various partners.

How many strawberries you take refers to how many sexual partners you desire in your lifetime.

How you feel about the farmer indicates how you feel after you have had sex with someone new.

My personal favourite response was during a pua bootcamp training weekend with two girls, and one answered “I would cook for the farmer” (This is the one to marry!!!). The other said “I don’t care about the farmer” (I leave this one to your imagination).

Dating Games To Play #2: The Doors Game.

This is one of my favourite dating games and works by asking the girl some questions and then explaining the meaning afterwards.

“You are in a light room, no windows and no doors, how do you feel?”

“What is your favourite colour?”

“What is your favourite animal?”

“You’re in front of a large body of water, let’s say the ocean. What do you do there?”

“You are there all day, so what do you do to pass time?”

The room represents how you view death.

The colour represents how you view yourself.

The animal represents how other people view you.

The ocean reflects your attitude to sex.

This game is best played mixed in with other fun dating games as it’s a more serious topic, but if you play this game then you will gain valuable insight into the woman’s emotional level and her views on the world.  It can be very powerful if played at the right time, and also this will improve you pua text game as you can then text the girl later reverting back to her fun answers.

Dating Games To Play #3: Roller Coasters.

This game is fantastic to play in bars and nightclubs and is fantastic to use as part of your pua conversation.  Again, you ask a series of questions before you explain their meaning.

You enter an amusement park and you go to the roller coaster line:

“How long do you wait to get on?” (Indicates how much time you want for foreplay).

“You’re on the ride, going all around, what is the feeling?” (Indicates your feelings during sex).

“Your car plunges into a splash pool at the end, what do you shout?” (What you say at the point of climax).

“Now you go to the merry-go-round but the horse is broken, how you feel?” (This is the girl’s true feeling when a man is impotent in that key moment).

“Now describe the perfect roller coaster ride… shape of track, feeling, etc” (This describes her views on her ideal sex).

This game is just really fun and you can introduce it by saying; “I saw this really fun game on TV last week, let’s play”.  Some of the answers you’ll receive are absolutely hilarious.

Dating Games To Play #4: Leap For Life From A Plane.

Once again it’s a series of questions, and then you explain their meanings afterwards:

“You are on the ground waiting your turn for your first skydive jump, watching other divers free-falling back to earth, what are you thinking/feeling?”(Describes your sexual desire).

“Your turn, you are on the plane, at the door’s edge and jump out, what do you scream?” (What you say at the point of climax during sex).

“You land safely and the instructor approaches you, what is he saying?” (What you imagine your partner tells you after sex).

This game is really entertaining and you can also both laugh about her answers throughout the evening, which is useful if the conversation is going dry as you can always revert back to her answers in this game, or any one of the previous dating games.

If you would like to attract more women in your life then come to one of Gary’s pua training weekends

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10 Acceptable Lies People Tell On A First Date

everybody lies

Everyone wants to make a good impression on a first date, dressing to look their best. In conversation, you want to be polite, and you want them to like you, but how far is it OK togo with little white lies?  Here are ten generally acceptable lies that people often say on a first date.

1.  I Noticed You Right Away

This little lie is just to make them feel good. You want them to think that you find them attractive, and want to be with them. Saying that you noticed them right away can get things off to a smooth start.

2.  I Agree With You

The last thing you want to do on a first date is wind up in an argument, so this lie is just a way of keeping the peace. Perhaps you don’t agree that Herbert Hoover was the greatest US President, but it’s easy to just agree and move on. Plus, they’ll feel good that you’re on their side.

3.  I Really Love Life

People like spending time with happy people, and nobody likes to listen to a whiner. So for a first date, you want to put on a smile, and take a positive view of things. Even if life hasn’t been a bed of roses recently, maybe this first date will be the one to change things.

4.  We Really Think Alike

This one is about establishing common ground, and making the person feel like you have things in common. Forget about the Herbert Hoover comment for a minute, and let them think that you two are kindred souls.

5.  That Samsung Is A Great Phone

This is for when you’ve got a date who’s crazy about their new phone. It could be anything, really – their new car, a TV show, or a certain type of sushi. The point is that they care about it a lot, and you really don’t. If it doesn’t matter to you, why not make them feel good?

6.  I Thank My Ex For The Experience

Whether you’re still friends with your ex, or stick pins in an ex-shaped voodoo doll every night, nobody wants to hear horror stories about them. Angry and vengeful is not a good impression to give on your first date, so this one glosses over any problems that occurred.

7.  I’d Love To Hear More About Fluid Dynamics

People  like to talk about themselves and their work. Perhaps you don’t know fluid dynamics from astrophysics. If that’s what they want to talk about, then it’s nice to show an interest in something that’s a big part of their life.

8.  I’m Having A Great Time

If your date is having a great time and says so, then you’re pretty much obligated to go with this lie, and say you are too. If you like the person, then you just can’t bring them down with an honest “well, it’s not too bad”.

9.  I Don’t Sleep Around

A first date is not the time to go into how many sexual partners you’ve had. It’s best to steer clear of this entire topic if you can. If there’s no way around talking about it, then a quick little lie can end it.

10.  It Was A Pleasure To Meet You

No matter whether you’re planning to see them again or not, it’s polite to tell somebody that it was nice to meet them. End your first date in a polite way, even if it’s another little white lie.

Why You Might Be Undateable

Do you feel like you’ll never find a guy again? Are you sick of the whole dating scene, and depressed with the thought that there’s nobody out there for you? If you feel like you’re stuck in an undateable state, here are a few clues to what may really be going on. why i'm still single

1) You’re still stuck on the wrong guy. So you had a wonderful relationship, and thought he was the love of your life. The problem is that it’s over. He’s gone. The better a relationship was, the harder it can be to get over it. Having your heart broken can be brutal, and it takes time to heal. It hurts!

If you’re still staring at your cell phone hoping your ex will have a change of heart and call you, or you casually drive by his apartment or office hoping to spot him, then you’re still stuck. Until you get yourself unstuck, you won’t be in the right space to meet someone new. Letting go of a past relationship can be tough, but that’s exactly what you’ve got to do to start dating successfully again.

A good place to begin is being nice to yourself. Don’t berate yourself and tell yourself what a horrid person you must be for him to dump you. Instead, eat right, pamper yourself with a facial and mani-pedi, or start yoga or kickboxing classes. Feeling healthy and looking great brings out the strong, sexy woman you really are. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and feeling good about yourself is an attraction factor.

2) You’re not being honest. You may be lying to yourself about what you really want. You think you want somebody highly successful, but you really want someone who spends more quality time with you than all the workaholics you meet.

You may be lying to others, too. Does your profile have a photoshopped pic from 8 years ago? Do you claim to love long walks with his dog, even though Brutus has already bitten you twice and you’re terrified? It’s trite but true – honesty really is the best policy when you’re meeting someone and starting a relationship.

relationship status multiple choice checklist3) You’re not looking in the right places. Face it – you’re probably not going to meet the man of your dreams at the grocery store. Sure, it happened once to a sister of a friend of somebody your cousin used to know, but the odds are right up there with winning the lottery.

If you want to meet men today, you need to actively get out there – both online and offline. Check out a site! Millions of single guys use these sites when looking for a new relationship. If you’re not there, then you’re missing out on one of the greatest dating avenues available.

This is relatively low pressure, since you just join local groups that appeal to your interests – wine tasting, hiking, vegan cooking or harmonica playing. If you find a group in your area with similar interests, it’s an excellent way to meet men. At least you know you both like the harmonica, right?

How to Tell If Someone Is Losing Interest in You

heart tearing apartAre you struggling to get his or her attention daily? Are you asking yourself, “Why am I sitting home alone on a Friday night”? Has the spark gone out of your relationship? Is he or she not as attentive as they once were when you first met? These are all very good questions and here are a few signs that tell when someone is losing interest in you.

Seeing the Warning Signs

Less Effort

So, you meet a nice man or woman and you really like them. At first, they seemed to like you as well. They could not get enough of your company and then gradually or suddenly small changes began to take effect. If your partner is spending less and less time with you, making excuses as to why they do not want to go out and do something together, that is a sign of interest slipping away.

The phone calls or time spent talking to one another will dwindle and eventually you begin to feel like you are talking to yourself. Your partner seems to spend more time texting his friends or surfing the web on his or her phone. They begin to lose interest in the things that you both once enjoyed together. If there has been sexual intimacy in the relationship it will begin to decrease as well. The television becomes more important than spending time with you.

Conversations that once included the word “we” end up only including the letter “I.”

“We can go out for dinner Saturday night,” to “I am going out to dinner Saturday night”. The biggest sign that someone is losing interest in you is when they stop calling or talking to you. You become an afterthought; avoidance is a huge sign of interest loss. That hair cut you got goes unnoticed, that dress you bought to entice him, simply is an article of clothing that one wears for covering.

Arguing More Frequently

You will find you are arguing more and more over silly stupid things than agreeing or working them out. These are all signs that your partner is losing interest in you and is getting ready to move on.

When you start seeing the warning signs, it is time to make changes in the relationship. If the relationship is worth saving, then make the changes. If it is not, then it is time to end it and let your partner go. In the end, relationships are work, they don’t just maintain themselves.

it still hurts

Honesty and communication is vital in any relationship, so if you think your partner is losing interest, try to find out why and work it out.