10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

You see a beautiful woman across the room, but what do you do next? In days gone by, people would let a woman know their feelings with poetry & roses. Today’s version of the condensed sonnet it the ever cheesy pick-up line.  Some lines may flop or make you look foolish, but here are 10 lines that can work if you use them confidently.


hey girl ryan gosling

1. You’re So Gorgeous That I Forgot My Pickup Line

Make this more believable by adding appropriate gestures – start walking towards her, then pause, as though you’ve forgotten what you were going to say. Then come out with this line, as though it’s spur of the moment. It looks unplanned, and it’s a heck of a compliment.

2.  Excuse Me – My Friend Wants To Know If You Think I’m Cute

If you’re the kind of guy who can pull off “cute” in a sweet sort of way, this line can be a nice introduction.  Best thing that could happen – maybe you’ll discover she really does think you’re cute!


3.  What Does It Feel Like To Be The Most Beautiful Girl In This Room?

What a compliment! Flattery is a proven method with pickup lines, and this one does it in an unexpected way. If you’re in luck, maybe she’ll say she’s happy to talk to the hottest guy in the room.


4.  I’m Sorry, Were You Talking To Me? (No.) Well Then, Please Start

This line has a bit of an attitude, which a lot of women find appealing.  It’s got a touch of humor, and it prompts her directly to make the next move. It usually works well, though a shy girl may not follow up on it.


5.  I Think We Met Before.

You know that dream you had about the ideal man? I was the guy standing next to him.  Humor is a great opener, and if you can get her laughing right away, you’re off to a good start. The self-deprecating twist on this one makes you seem likable.


6.  Hi There – Could You Please Stand Still A Minute So I Can Pick You Up?

OK, it’s corny, but this dating line still works most of the time. It’s up front and honest. After all, with any of these lines she’ll know you’re trying to pick her up, so why not be open about it?


7.  Excuse Me, But You Owe Me A Drink. (Why?) Because when I saw you, I dropped mine.

This one works in stages. First it gets her attention, and even makes her a bit worried. What’s he talking about? Then you give her the punch line – a joke and a compliment rolled into one.


8.  Giant Polar Bear. (What?) It broke the ice.

  If you’re a natural clown, this one can work like a charm. It’s silly, but women like to laugh. The key is to keep a perfectly straight face for the opener, and save your grin for the second part.

9.  If I Had A Nickel For Each Time I Saw Someone As Gorgeous As You, I’d Have Five Cents.

How sweet is that? It’s a lovely compliment, following the flattery formula. It works best somewhere quiet enough for her to hear. You don’t want to repeat it shouting in her ear.


10.  EXCUSE ME, WHAT TIME IS IT? (She tells you.) 9:15? And today’s March 19.

I just wanted to note the exact moment when I first met you. This line may make her groan, but if she grins along with the groan, you can take out your camera to capture the moment.

Unless your Ryan Gosling. Then you can say anything.

10 Acceptable Lies People Tell On A First Date

everybody lies

Everyone wants to make a good impression on a first date, dressing to look their best. In conversation, you want to be polite, and you want them to like you, but how far is it OK togo with little white lies?  Here are ten generally acceptable lies that people often say on a first date.

1.  I Noticed You Right Away

This little lie is just to make them feel good. You want them to think that you find them attractive, and want to be with them. Saying that you noticed them right away can get things off to a smooth start.

2.  I Agree With You

The last thing you want to do on a first date is wind up in an argument, so this lie is just a way of keeping the peace. Perhaps you don’t agree that Herbert Hoover was the greatest US President, but it’s easy to just agree and move on. Plus, they’ll feel good that you’re on their side.

3.  I Really Love Life

People like spending time with happy people, and nobody likes to listen to a whiner. So for a first date, you want to put on a smile, and take a positive view of things. Even if life hasn’t been a bed of roses recently, maybe this first date will be the one to change things.

4.  We Really Think Alike

This one is about establishing common ground, and making the person feel like you have things in common. Forget about the Herbert Hoover comment for a minute, and let them think that you two are kindred souls.

5.  That Samsung Is A Great Phone

This is for when you’ve got a date who’s crazy about their new phone. It could be anything, really – their new car, a TV show, or a certain type of sushi. The point is that they care about it a lot, and you really don’t. If it doesn’t matter to you, why not make them feel good?

6.  I Thank My Ex For The Experience

Whether you’re still friends with your ex, or stick pins in an ex-shaped voodoo doll every night, nobody wants to hear horror stories about them. Angry and vengeful is not a good impression to give on your first date, so this one glosses over any problems that occurred.

7.  I’d Love To Hear More About Fluid Dynamics

People  like to talk about themselves and their work. Perhaps you don’t know fluid dynamics from astrophysics. If that’s what they want to talk about, then it’s nice to show an interest in something that’s a big part of their life.

8.  I’m Having A Great Time

If your date is having a great time and says so, then you’re pretty much obligated to go with this lie, and say you are too. If you like the person, then you just can’t bring them down with an honest “well, it’s not too bad”.

9.  I Don’t Sleep Around

A first date is not the time to go into how many sexual partners you’ve had. It’s best to steer clear of this entire topic if you can. If there’s no way around talking about it, then a quick little lie can end it.

10.  It Was A Pleasure To Meet You

No matter whether you’re planning to see them again or not, it’s polite to tell somebody that it was nice to meet them. End your first date in a polite way, even if it’s another little white lie.

How to Approach Women Without Fear

3 Ways To Exude Confidence to Women

fancy couple dancing dip


With pua inner game we are really entering into the realm of psychology, so how can you truly feel better about yourself.  Pua inner game is not about finding a short term fix either, like when you learn a new technique that gives you confidence with women for short periods of time for example.

I mean peeling back the layers of insecurity and false bravado that you have subconsciously learned, and really and truly feeling at one with yourself.  To have the ability to walk up to women and exude such a confidence that you do not need pua techniques, pua routines or really any form of strategy.

From my experience of working in the pua industry, I have realised that one of the major ways to feel more comfortable with yourself is to work towards attaining certain virtues that you wish to possess; it is these qualities that in the end will make you who you are as a man.

I shall give some examples now of virtues which if you possessed would make you far more alluring to women:

Pua inner game virtue #1: Temperance to not react.

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. Benjamin Franklin

The basis of having this desirable quality is that you do not let outside circumstances influence your inner core, so how you feel about yourself.

This virtue is quite possibly the most attractive quality in a man. When you meet women and circumstances arise that would normally trigger an emotional reaction in you; instead if you strive to achieve temperance, namely present yourself as calm and collected and deal with the issue without emotional attachment, then women will instantly be drawn to you, this is far stronger than any pua conversation.

Temperance sub-communicates so many attractive qualities to women. Indeed you’ll find that if you are able to deal with any emotional drama without becoming involved, it will also stand you in healthy emotional grounding in all areas of your life and not solely in meeting women.

Pua inner game virtue #2: Order for clarity.

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. Dalai Lama

The real meaning of this virtue is to have your life organised and for every aspect of your life to have its own time to flourish.  This involves strategic planning so that you can plan your week to achieve the maximum benefit from the time that you have.

With pua training, the first step to achieving more order in your life is to decide how you would like to shape your future, so a few examples would be:

What kind of work would you like to do?

Where would you like to live?

Where would you like to travel?

How much time would you like to give to exercise?

Once you have set yourself specific goals of what you would like to achieve you can then look at the steps involved and plan your days, weeks, and months accordingly.

Adopting this pua inner game outlook will be highly alluring to women. The fact that you are willing to set yourself a goal with a strict time limit (this helps you achieve your goal), conveys so many positive attributes about yourself as a man, and you’ll find that during natural conversation women will be intrigued with your self-discipline.

Pua inner game virtue #3: Silence as authority.

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” Leonardo da Vinci

Right now in this moment if you were going to speak to a lady who you deem attractive, is your pua inner game strong enough that you are comfortable with a silence during the conversation, or even a prolonged silence between words?

To put this into perspective, if you listen to the best story tellers of modern society you will notice the amount of pauses they have during their stories.  These pauses convey control, knowledge and confidence.  The story teller does not feel the need to simply bellow out the information; instead they are cool, calm and collected. They know they have value and, as such, recognise silence as the positive feature that it is.

Pua inner game action point: You can use silence as a way of initially finding out how strong your inner game is when you are talking to women. Simply try to pause between conversation threads or even emphasise certain words and see how confident you really feel.

If you want to attract more women into your life the come to one of our Pua training bootcamps.

Written byGary Gunn
Based in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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How To Be A Charming Natural With Women

sit together cuddleDuring a pua conversation with women your main aim is to be charming and alluring to her, and in my experience the best way to maximize your appeal is to converse with a good assuming manner.

If you are respectful with your beliefs and more so with a lady’s opinions, then you will not lessen your power as a man. On the contrary, you will avoid generating negative thoughts on her side during the interaction.

Pua conversation #1: Converse with humbleness.

I have found that when you wish to offer your opinion on a topic to a woman, rather than being definitive (which could lead to instant opposition), you are far better to frame the pua conversation like it’s the way that you view the world, rather than it being a fact.

So, an example would be if you disagree with a woman’s perspective on a restaurant, instead of simply saying definitively:

 “I hate that restaurant.”

If she loves the restaurant, or even if she likes the food, she is going to feel an instant resistance to what you have said and this will bring up some form of opposition to what you are saying.

A different approach is to take on a more assuming pua conversation manner with something like:

“In my experience the service could be much better.”

This is a much more modest way of putting your point across as you are not being definitive; you are merely speaking with your life experience so far to date. In effect, this humble attitude even conveys that your opinion is able to change dependent on other new future experiences. Perhaps you could even go together, if she insists on showing you, Pua text game works on exactly the same principle.

Here are more examples of some pua conversation humblers:

“I conceive it to be like this … “

 “It appears to me … “

“I should think it so or so for such and such reasons … “

“I imagine it to be so … “

“It is so if I am not mistaken … “

“It appears to me at present … “

“From my frame of reference it seems like this … “

If you state your opinion to a woman in a blunt and forceful way then you run the risk of creating conflict, and possibly even a feeling of defensiveness which is likely to cut short any interaction.

Pua conversation #2: Charm with intelligence.

All of these pua conversation ideas are not limited to only speaking with women, and this one in particular will improve your interactions with all people you meet throughout your day.

One example of this is that during your day to day life you are likely to encounter men and women who have a differing opinion to you on a specific topic.  There may even be times when you know unquestionably that you are correct and instantly feel the need to point out their error and, dependent on how you handle this situation, it could create an issue.

The difficulty can arise that by instantly putting across your opinion you are likely to bring up a direct resistance from the person you are conversing with as, in essence, you are attacking their ego and this is one sure way of igniting their annoyance.

What I have found is that a better way of putting your point across is to begin with circumstances where their point may be correct, but then point out the differences in the scenario that you are discussing.

So a simple example would be:

“I completely agree with you and, in fact, during this set of circumstances I can see how that’s true; however, in this situation, is this not slightly different?”

The real key here is that you are acknowledging that they are in fact correct which validates what they are saying and will make them far more comfortable and at ease. Then you point out a slight difference in the set of circumstances which they may have missed.  This then allows their pride to remain intact whilst they are informed in their error of thinking, this is a very advanced pua training tip.

Pua conversation #3: Listen without analysis.

It has become apparent to me that a pua conversation trap that many men fall into is their lack of ability to be fully present when they are in dialogue with women.

A simple exercise that you can do immediately that will make you more aware of how much focus you have on a woman’s spoken word is to look at what filters you are putting a her words through before you actually hear the words that she is speaking.

So let’s say for example that a woman verbalises 1000 words to you and those words go through your filters of:

“I’m thinking about what to say next.” (20% of my attention)

“I’m looking for something in common.” (15% of my attention)

“I’m anxious that she’s going to get bored and go away.” (15% of my attention)

“Is she giving me signs that she likes me?” (10% of my attention)

All of a sudden 60% of your attention is not on what the woman is saying to you as it is lost through your filters, so you hear a grand total of 400 of her words. How much better do you think you would be able to communicate if you were able to listen to 20% more of her spoken words?!?!

Action point: Write down what filters you have when you are speaking to women and see which ones you can reduce slightly or even remove over time. The key isn’t to get to 100% of her words straight away, but you’ll find that any small increase will help your pua conversation with women.

To learn how to attract more women into your life then come to one of our Pua training weekends.

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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3 Hypnotic Compliments You Can Pay A Woman

hynotizing dracula starePaying compliments would seem like the right thing to do to romance a woman that you like, and the right compliment at the right time will make the woman that you like feel truly special.

The problem that you face is that man after man has paid the girl you like generic compliment after generic compliment as a way of hitting on her, so if you truly wish to attract a woman then you need to make sure it’s the most powerful and sincere gesture that you can make, and not one of many scripted pua routines.

So here are my top 3 hypnotic compliments that you can pay a woman that will not come off like pua routines:



 #1: Mesmerise her with your chivalry.

Firstly, and a notion that many pua training companies miss, is that a compliment to a woman doesn’t just need appear in spoken form. Chivalry is a fantastic example of how to flatter a woman with your own unique qualities.  The term chivalry is actually a combination of virtues that were expected of an ideal knight such as courage, honour and courteous behaviours especially towards women.

The attractive quality of a knight was his willingness to help those weaker, which at first glance would mean those who really require his help. However a noble knight was so highly regarded that pretty well anyone was regarded as weaker to them, and what better way to show his helping hand than to women of beauty?

Chivalrous acts include notions such as always leading at all times, manners (this one should be obvious), respect and taking care of her every need. The general idea is for you to make her feel complimented because you want to take care of her and make sure everything is ok.

 #2: Magnetise her with your presence.

Actually take the time to listen to the words that a woman is speaking and she will be magnetised by the conversation.  When most men speak to women they often have some prescripted questions to ask which they believe that, in simply asking, then by the end of the interaction she will be attracted to them.

The problem with having a range of pua routines and questions ready to ask her in a bullet form manner is that you will not really be listening to her words, meaning that you will miss the dynamic of having a conversation when you are both extremely present, which is highly emotive if you can genuinely clear your mind of thoughts.

The reality is that during a conversation the less inner dialogue that you have the better, so much so that your aim is to be so in the moment with the women that after the interaction you really can’t remember what you conversed about. All you can remember was the amazing emotions involved and she too will be left with the same magnetic feeling luring her back to you.

Pua routines action point: This is a drill that we do as part of our pua training – During your next interaction with a woman really focus on every single word that she is saying and only think of what to say after she has finished speaking, you’ll be amazed by the change in dynamic of the conversation.

 #3: Spellbind her with your intrigue.

Be genuinely interested by her and, no, I’m not talking about the boring pua routines and questions like:

“What do you do for a living?”

“Where do you work?”

“How old are you?”

I mean be interested by her and how her mind works, and what it is about her that makes her who she is. Now timing is of the utmost importance when you wish to compliment a woman about what makes her truly unique, so here are a few examples of chosen works to speak at the correct time:

“I like the way your mind works.”

“That’s truly amazing that you can look at it like that.”

The point here is that you are interested by them as an individual, not what they are wearing or what they do for a living, but them at their essence.  This really is such a powerful compliment to pay a woman if you can make the remark at the right time, and the key is to make the remark about a specific way that she views the world or a situation.

Don’t make this compliment within the first 2 minutes of the interaction, this should be saved for when you are conversing and you want to take the communication to a deeper level.

For more information on how to interact with women in real life, visit our pua training page.

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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5 Things That Annoy Women About Men

are you seriousJust like the list of things that annoy men about women, this list could be endless. However, despite the vast amount of things that men do to annoy women, we’ve managed to break it down to 5 things that every woman would agree is a constant annoyance.




They Don’t Listen

Honey, can you blah, blah the blah? Did you blah, blah today? If these phrases sound familiar to you, then you might be one of those men that just don’t listen.


Watching Too Much Sports

Are you one of those guys that needs to watch sports no matter what? When football season is over, you become a basketball fan. When basketball season is over, you watch baseball. Hell, you’d watch rugby if it was ever televised. If so, you’re probably annoying your woman with the constant sports watching; especially if you’re in no shape to play any of them yourself.


Lack of Cleanliness

Some guys can get away with having an unkempt look. But there’s a big difference between looking a little disheveled and being downright dirty. Not picking up after yourself or having bad hygiene is enough to annoy any woman.



This annoying characteristic is fairly prominent in men. They hate cleaning, doing laundry and if it wasn’t for the steady paycheck they get for working, they’d probably never leave the couch.


Being Rude

Plenty of men are naturally curt. They rush through things and they usually think more about themselves than others. It’s not like they’re trying to be rude on purpose, it’s just that they try much harder not to be rude when they first meet a girl.


5 Things That Annoy Men About Women

are you serious memeWhen it comes to things that annoy men about women, the list may be endless, but don’t get it twisted guys, the list goes both ways. However, this (relatively) short list is dedicated to the men. Maybe you can find a way to send it to your wife/girlfriend through an anonymous email. Or, maybe you can take the anonymity out of the equation and just print it out and stick to the refrigerator. Whatever way you choose to use the information, we hope it will


Talking During The Game

Does it seem like the only time something needs to be done around the house is during the most important game of the year? Well, maybe guys pay too much attention to sports and not enough attention to their significant others. Or, maybe women pick the worst time to ask their man to do something. What came first, the chicken or the egg?



Are you one of those women that buys everything you see on the Home Shopping Network? Or, have you recently traded a bunch of money for some magical beans? If so, then you might be one of those women who are so gullible that it annoys men to no end.


Taking Too Long To Get Ready

Women are infamous for taking too long to get ready. They have to shave their legs, do their hair, put on makeup, etc… Actually, as long as they leave the house looking good, this is one thing that guys should stop getting annoyed about.


Being Overly Emotional

Do you cry during commercials? Do you get emotional during the same part of a movie you’ve seen a thousand times? If so, then you just might be overly emotional. It’s not an endearing quality in a woman or a man.


Being Too Demanding

Simone De Beauvoir once said, “I’m too intelligent, too demanding and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself.” Needless to say, being too demanding has its consequences.


The Art of the Booty Call

art of booty call

Some people might think that the term, “booty call” is outdated, but whether you want to call it a “friend with benefits” or a “f*** buddy”,  the concept of the booty call is alive and well. That’s why we’ve compiled a few  tips that can help you attain and maintain a successful relationship based on the ever-enduring concept of the booty call.

Plant The Idea Early On

One of the most important parts of acquiring a friend with benefits is letting the other person know that you are not looking for a relationship right off the bat. You can say that you just got out of a serious relationship that didn’t work out, or you can be honest and say that you’re not looking for anything serious at the moment. The important thing is that the other person knows you don’t have a significant other and you’re not looking for one.


Make Them Feel Special

Nobody wants to feel like they’re second best. That’s why even though you’re not in a serious relationship with your booty call, you never want to let them know that you’re seeing other people. Some kind words and treating the person right can go a long way if you want to keep them around. However, stay away from those high-end gifts that might give the wrong impression.


Don’t Abuse The Booty-Rights

If your booty call starts occurring more than a couple of times each week, the other person can start confusing it with a real relationship. It’s definitely a balancing act that takes some restraint on the part of the person who is making the calls.


Why You Might Suck At First Dates

Restaurant date

What is a great first date idea?

Knowing where to go on a first date can literally be make or break your long term dating potential.  If the date turns out to be boring or generic then the chances are that the relationship is going to get off on the wrong foot before it even begins.

So let’s start with the worst first date ideas:

Going to the cinema – This may be surprising to many but the cinema is actually a terrible first date as it involves sitting down in a silent environment without any interaction with one another.  This conveys a complete lack of planning and is also a sign that you are not used to dating as you’re aiming for minimal conversation.  Never go to the cinema on a first date, instead save this for a later date!!!

Going out for dinner – Dinner has got to be the worst first date possible.  You have to sit opposite someone and eat in front of them when you’re probably not feeling that comfortable.  The attention is on both of you which can put a huge strain on the conversation.  What do you talk about? How do you keep the conversation flowing? The likelihood is that it could end up feeling like an interview with random questions being posed at one another, which is hardly fun!!

Coming straight over for dinner – This is way too desperate and try hard but, believe me, many people still suggest this for a first date.  They can’t comprehend that dating is a process and should be full of many different fun interactions before your date has the opportunity of seeing where you live. It’s also good to keep an air of mystery and hold back showing them your place until you know each other better.

Going for a drink/coffee – This shows no imagination whatsoever and will not help kick start the potential dating process off in the best way possible.  It’s ok to go for a coffee or a drink but only whilst you are on a date! DO NOT make going for a drink the actual date itself!!

Good ideas for first dates

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein

Never has a truer word been spoken, particularly in reference to first dates.  Ideally you want to do something imaginative and significantly, something that will also take the pressure off the interaction between both of you.  This way you can enjoy each other’s company whilst also doing something fun.

Here are a few great examples of where to go on a first date:

Existing event – The key here is to have an interesting lifestyle where you are already going to different events on a frequent basis such as a food festival, a live music gig etc.  You can then invite your potential date along as you are already going; this takes the pressure off the date and makes it much more fun for them to come along with you. Crucially you’ll find that it also makes it easier for them to have  more confidence to say yes.

Shopping – You need to buy a new pair of shoes for a job interview, or a new shirt etc.  The important point here is that you need their opinion on something that you are going to buy; this will give them a purpose and a reason as to why they should come with you.

Mini dating – So meeting them for shopping and then grabbing a coffee, perhaps even being more spontaneous and saying look there’s a bowling ally lets go have a quick game.  The intention is to have several mini (and different) fun interactions which will result in speeding up the connection building process of the first date.

In short, when you are actively going on first dates you need to try and take the pressure off the interaction between you and your date.

The idea here is that the pressure is minimised if you are doing something actively together. As an example there’s a Jamie Oliver restaurant near my house where head chefs host classes in how to cook specific meals… what a great first date as it’s interactive and it’s a fun evening based around great food.

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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