How To Handle An Office Fling

office flingBeen feeling wildly attracted to a co-worker who gets cow eyed and giggly everytime he or she walks into the room? What should you do? Well the answer is simple: YOU DO NOTHING! Flings happen all the time and even more in the office. It would be best if you were to play out all your dreams and fantasies in your head, exhausting every romantic notion you feel creeping into your consciousness. Chances are that the butterflies will come and go keep in mind butterflies, both real and metaphorical, have a short lifespan.


1. Stay Professional

You have to stay professional in the workplace. If you start behaving in an unprofessional way, then things can get very bad very quickly. By acting professional, however, you xan keep things in perspective…and make sure you keep your job.

2. Don’t Let Them Walk Over You

Feelings can be taken advantage by some people because of their willingness. It can be tempting to invite your fling for lunch or some coffee, but that is human nature. However your crush might not necessarily feel the same way and might be willing to reap the benefits of the nice gestures you give them.

3. Look The Right Way

Not only should you try to avoid staring all googly eyed at your fling while a work, it is also unprofessional to stare like that. Besides, moony stares can reveal your feelings quicker than anything else.

4. Keep Up With Reality

It is not uncommon at all for someone to begin to fantasize or even dream about their office flame. When spending so much time at work, it is hard not to confuse those fantasies with reality, It is important to keep your feet grounded;moreover; keep your fantasy life completely separate from your work life.

5. Be Realistic

Being realistic to the end is another must. Does your company frown upon dating within the office? Does your fling feel the same way about you; as you do with them? Dont let you common sense be blurred by your feelings; stay leveled headed and keep everything within a realistic perspective

6. Keep Cool

Always keep your cool when possible. Don’t get giggly, don’t let your crush have that effect over you. If needed, just pretend that your fling isn’t there at all, even more so if you need to keep it at a professional level.

7. Weigh the Consequences

If this is what you think you want from your crush; a relationship, you need to being to think about the consequences. What happens if dont work out? Will this affect your job? You also need to consider how the working conditions will be during and after the relationship. If there are more cons than pros, again keep your fantasy life completely separate from your working life. At the end most office romances do work, but when they don’t it can get a bit awkward.

Tips For Meeting His Parents

meeting her parentsAs much as he has to impress your parents, you need to impress his. His mother could be even more protective of her little boy as your father is of you, so bear in mind that he’s not the only one who has to break out the top hat and cane for a little obligatory performance. Keep a few major points in mind and you’re sure to leave them applauding.


Bring a Gift

A gift will always be appreciated. It shows you made the effort to fit into their home as a member of the family. Make sure it will be a welcome gift, though. His parents could be non-drinkers, or keep Kosher, so discuss the appropriateness of the gift with your guy in advance.


Don’t be a ‘Gold-Digger’

If you’re unemployed and you know you’re going to meet them in a matter of months, start doing some volunteer work in your city. The question “what do you do?” will inevitably come up. If you’re between jobs, you can at least say you’re doing some pro bono work with a youth group. And who knows, you might like the work and it could actually lead to a real job.


Dress Appropriately

Extreme conservatism in dress is your only option for meeting a guy’s parents. Don’t wear a lot of makeup, a skirt that falls far above the knee, or stripper pumps. A sequin halter top, Daisy Duke cut-offs and Lucite heels tell his parents one thing: their son is dating a slut.

meeting the parents what to wear

Don’t Freak Out

Be prepared if you walk in the door and his family is all over you like a pack of wolves on a wounded rabbit. Don’t get overwhelmed and become emotional: nothing looks worse than not being strong enough to hold your own. Act naturally, stay calm, and roll with the punches.


Bow Out Gracefully

If the situation is really stressful, make an appropriately speedy exit. Have one drink, if necessary. Do not, however, get drunk. Don’t be rude and walk out in the middle of dinner, but don’t stay too long at the party, running the risk of having one too many drinks, saying something outrageous, and ruining all your hard work.


Tips For Meeting Her Parents

dates parentsIf you’re serious enough about a girl to meet her parents, be serious enough to do it right: for many, especially girls, not getting along with her parents can be an instant deal-breaker, whether it’s her or her ‘rents that cause the relationship to come to a complete halt.


You Don’t Have a Choice, So Enjoy It

Just about every girl has a mother, or a father, some other parental figure (or even all of the above) whom you’re going to have to meet and impressive. You’ll have to satisfy their fears that you are right for her. If she has someone like this in her life, quit trying to avoid it, and jump enthusiastically into it.


Always Bring a Gift

It might seem archaic or cliché, but many cultures around the world actually are insulted by a suitor showing up to a first meeting empty-handed. Do some research. If her father has been clean and sober for three years, don’t show up with a bottle of wine. If her mother is allergic to everything, don’t bring flowers. A very nice inoffensive art book is always a safe choice.


Be Completely Objective

We can all pick our friends, but we can’t pick our parents. Cut her some slack if you’re not a fan of her fam. Keep in mind, if they don’t appeal to you, there’s a very good chance you’re not their top choice for their daughter either.


Daddy’s Little Girl

When it comes to whom they are dating, parents are almost always going to be more protective of a daughter than a son. Girls in general have a lot more to lose: they’re more sensitive emotionally, and there’s the chance that an unwanted pregnancy can drastically change her life. Make sure you come off as loving and responsible. No one wants some guy playing it fast and loose with their little girl.


Getting Along Isn’t Optional

Do every conceivable thing you can during your first meeting to be agreeable with her folks. If that means shutting up when they say something preposterous, so be it. After all, smiling and nodding doesn’t have to mean you agree with them, just that you acknowledge their opinion on the matter. If you’re unlucky and they’re racists, anti-Semites, terrorists or junkies don’t let them bait you into discussion. Deal with their outrageousness outside of their home and, later, steer your relationship with their daughter accordingly.

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5 Tips for Dating a Single Mom

woman kissing childFinding out a woman who has been the subject of your affection is a mom can be daunting if not overwhelming. A lot of guys experience a flight response. But likely the information will leave a guy with a desire to give it a try, however, it will also leave you with a lot of questions. Once you’ve decided to embark on this new journey with her and a kid, you’ll have a little bit of homework.

1:Do the Research
Go online and find the answers to all of those unusual questions that will inevitably pop up — no matter how guilty they make you feel. Questions about new situations are always natural, so embrace the truth. Will sex be better, worse, or more often unavailable? Will I be expected to change certain of my bad habits because I might be a bad influence on children? Can I?

2:Curb Your Stress
She is going to pick up on how you’re dealing with the fact that she has kids. If you want it to be ‘no big deal,’ then make sure it isn’t. Feigning comfort with the situation won’t fly, so ensure you spend some time settling the details in your head before you interact with her again. Remind yourself that whatever you think your day-to-day problems are, she likely has more important ones to consider.

3:Meet the Kids
Be careful about how you introduce yourself once the big day of your first meeting approaches. Showing up with toys or candy might seem disingenuous or give the appearance of trying too hard. Don’t forget that, especially with older kids, in their minds, you are trying to replacing their father — at least for their mother.

4:Embrace the Benefits
A single mom has obviously been through a challenging relationship before, and has probably learned a thing or two about traversing the male-female courting ritual. She might be less likely to start a spat over something petty, thus avoiding a three day argument. Or you may find that you couldn’t fathom getting jealous over her flirting shamelessly in a bar with other guys. Whatever the benefit to her experience in relationships is, take it to heart. Learn from her, and make sure she knows you appreciate those qualities.

5:Get Ready for Change
Whether you want to admit it or not, getting intimate with a single mom is going to affect your groove. Instant Kids means you’re going to have to end a night or two each week early because the sitter needs to leave. You’ll find yourself locking up liquor, evidence of smoking and dirty movies. At least once in a while, you’re going to have to change that spontaneous Vegas getaway to a well-planned weekend at Disney. The changes don’t have to be daunting, however. The bachelor life was never meant to last forever. So embrace the newfound inspiration to see life through a child’s — you might find you feel like a kid again.

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How to Pick Up a Guy With A Girlfriend

hand holdPicking up a guy with a girlfriend doesn’t have to be the sleazy endeavor it seems to be at first. A lot of guys are stuck in dead-end relationships, or are simply not dating up to their potential. When you do get inspired to come on to a guy with a girlfriend, enjoy the power and control it affords you in an often chaotic world — and keep a few of the following things in mind.

Screw Karma
If you have any feelings of guilt about what you’re about to do, leave your inhibitions at the door, or leave him alone. At the end of the day, no one is making him do anything he doesn’t want to do, and no one can blame you if you don’t blame yourself. If you go in guilty, he’ll sense it, and feel it too.

Be Hotter than Her
The revenge screw is one of the fastest ways to pick up a guy with a girlfriend. However, guys know that if they’re going to stray from the cow at home, it better be one tasty milkshake, so you need to be at the top of your game. After all, they’ve got their relationship on the line here, so they are going to want to trade up, not down.

Turn Up the Charm
You might not be used to having to try very hard to pick up guys, but if he has a girlfriend, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Be charming, interesting and kind. Sweep him off his feet; challenge him and make him want to capture you. Successfully turn the tables, and he’ll be too busy trying to conquer you to worry about what he’s doing.

Don’t Chat About the GF
Keep the focus on the exciting sexy things he wants to do with you instead of the looming GF problem. Don’t inspire him to think too much by comparing the two of you, or let him cultivate feelings of guilt. The more you remind him he has a girlfriend, the harder your hook up is going to be.

Be Discrete
If you’re in public setting, be considerate that he might be trying to hook up with you on the sly, but feels uncomfortable asking that of you outright. Help him out. Slip him your number very discreetly for a later meet-up, or create a rouse disguising why you’re giving him the digits, such as work-related business. If you’re at the point of trying to leave together, pick a place outside of the venue where no one will see you waiting for him. Tell him you’re going to walk outside and wait for him there for 10 or even 15 minutes. If no one sees you leaving together, you just gave him plausible deniability if word ever got back to his girlfriend.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Jerk

jerk cartoonSo you just entered into a relationship and you’re over the moon, but some nagging doubts are creeping up somewhere in the back of your mind. Love goggles can be quite dark, so pay attention to the warning signs that you’re dating a jerk, and you’ll be less likely to get hurt later on.


1.He Makes You Pay For Everything: Women’s lib tends to dictate that if we want to be treated as equals, we should split the check every time. But what woman doesn’t like him to at least offer to pay the majority of the time?


2.He Flirts with Others in Front of You: For most women, this is a down-right deal breaker. If you forgive him for it once or twice, expect a third.

3.He Tries to Change You: If he’s not happy with you, then why is he dating you? He didn’t have a problem with any way that you behaved on your first dates. Once you’ve slept with him or you’ve settled into a relationship, however, he wants you to be a different person. Red flag!

stop being a jerk


4.He Projects His Insecurities on You: If he makes you feel fat but you and your closest friends all agree you don’t have even a small issue with weight, he’s projecting. Lots of people try to make other people feel miserable because they aren’t happy with themselves.

 5.He Talks About Threesomes… a Lot: Sure there’s nothing wrong with joking about bringing another girl into the mix even if you have expressed that you’re not into it, but if he mentions threesomes obsessively when you’ve been clear on the subject, he’s obviously not giving up the fantasy regardless of your feelings.

6.He Doesn’t Care About Your Needs in Bed: Jerk move Numero Uno is consistently getting off without much regard for how good a time you’re having. No one says you both have to have earth-shattering orgasms every single time, but if you’re constantly finding yourself at the low end of the satisfaction spectrum, it’s time to change up.

7.He Can’t Get Over His Ex: Your guy’s interaction with his ex-girlfriend might not be a big deal to you. For example, if they have a kid together, you can’t expect there to be absolutely nothing between them. However, if he’s constantly meeting up with an ex and knows it bothers you, he’s not being very considerate of how you feel.

8.He’s Obsessed With Porn And/Or Video Games: There really can only be two people in your relationship. So if you feel like you’re sharing your boyfriend with anyone named Ryu, Misty, Link or Jenna, then he needs to spend more time getting to a next level with your relationship, not with his controller in his hand. (Inside tip: Lara Croft counts as both a video game and a porn obsession.)


 9.He Ignores You: If you feel like you can’t get your boyfriend to respond to your calls and text messages in a timely fashion, you’ll eventually feel like you’re dating his smartphone more than him.


10.Your Friends and Family Hate Him: Your besties aren’t wearing your rose-colored heart-shaped love goggles, so take cues from them if you’re not sure. After all, how many times has it happened that you realize you have been dating a jerk, and not one of your friends and family disliked him all along?smartphone more than him.


Tips for Date Night At Home

cuddle dateDate night at home (i.e. dinner and streaming movies) doesn’t seem like the most exciting proposal, but time, energy and financial constraints often make nights in a necessity. Staying in doesn’t have to be a bore, though. The bottom line is: get creative. Try new interesting additions to the usual dinner and a movie repertoire, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself even more than if you’d gone out.


Make Your Own Movie

Try a twist on movie night. Spend a few hours after dinner crafting a hilarious short film plot line. Make sure you actually type it up, or write it out if necessary. Figure out how many ‘roles’ with ‘costume’ changes each of you can pull off from scene to scene without really doing any video editing or leaving the house. Familiarize yourself with your lines, get out the camera and “Action!”


Do it in The Dark

Recent years have seen a burgeoning trend of upscale restaurants where diners provoke their other senses by dining blindfolded. Try it at home and avoid the embarrassment of making a mess in a fancy restaurant. On your way home, each of you stop off at different markets which carry finer foods, and pick up an array of unusual fares that you wouldn’t normally have around the house. Be careful to avoid anything you would both find gross, however. Think more along the lines of pomegranate; less like cow’s tongue. The goal is to surprise and delight. Take turns blindfolding each other and feeding each other new and different ingredients and discover new likes and dislikes at the same time.


Try a Little Cosplay

Choose a movie that lends to a theme, and break out the craft supplies. Together, you can help each other create theme props and activities to match your film. One example could be cardboard katana to reenact the samurai fight scenes in “Kill Bill,” or paper Guy Fawkes masks and bed sheet capes for a showing of “V for Vendetta.” It might feel cheesy as all get out at first, but it will guarantee a few laughs — at least from your friends the next day.

Body Language Of Attraction

The Body Language of Attraction With Gary Gunn of Social Attraction

Learn how to attract women into your life:

Having the correct body language to attract women is a necessity according to the published research of Albert Mehrabin who concluded that:

7% of our communication relates to the importance of the words we use.

38% of our communication refers to tone of voice and inflection.

55% of our communication refers to the importance of body language/face.

With body language making up a huge 55% of our communication with other human beings it’s clear that this is much more important than the specific words or phrases that we use when communicating with women, so much so that learning the correct body language to attract women will ultimately make the difference as to whether you attract her or not.

The Social Attraction Academy has been teaching body language to attract women for the past eight years and here are some of our vital suggestions.

Never hold your drink in front of your chest — always hold your drink by the top of the glass and hold it down to your side. This conveys open body language making you instantly look more confident. Next time you’re in a social environment take a look at every other man in the venue and you’ll notice how closed his body language is simply by where he is holding his drink. So put hold your drink down to your side to help convey the right body language to attract women.


Never lean in when you are talking to women — this is key when learning body language to attract women. Even if you find yourself in a club or bar where the music is really loud do not lean in. Just stand straight and speak louder, you’ll find that women will lean into you to hear you. This is very important as by leaning in you are giving away some of your power and you do not want to do that from the outset.

When you sit down take up as much room as possible — spread out your arm to the back of the chair and simply take up as much space as possible as this conveys dominance. Also try and get the main chair at the table where you are open to seeing the whole venue, as this way it’s easier to see what is happening around you and your body language to attract women will be on show for all to see.

Posture — make sure that you are not slouching or leaning over with your shoulders slumped over. If you change your posture this will actually make you feel and look more confident.

Personal hygiene — make sure that you take pride in your appearance and that you have shaved and are wearing deodorant and aftershave. All of these are small points but women will pick up on all of them, so why not look and smell your best when you meet women?

How To Choose Your Beverage Glass

How to choose the right glass based on the color of the beverage. how to choose glass for a drink

Dating Games To Play On A First Date


In my experience from coaching men in how to be more alluring to women, I have found that , whilst also ensuring you avoid the stereotypical realms of the “interview date” such as:

“What do you do for a living?”

“How old are you?”

“How long have you done that for?”

“Yawn” – So here are some great dating games to play that you can try on your next date or even on your next night out, we often also play these dating games during ourpua training weekends.

couple eating strawberriesDating Games To Play #1: Strawberry Fields.

So you begin by asking the following questions and, as you ask them, you need to remember the answers the woman gives (take note of your answers too as you read the questions).

“You are standing in a field and the next field along is full of loads of nice strawberries – how big is the fence that you have to climb to get to the strawberry field?”

“Now you’re in the field how many strawberries do you take?”

“Okay, now you have the strawberries, how do you feel about the farmer that you took them from?”

So, the size of the fence is an indicator of how difficult you are to sleep with. A high fence means that you put a higher value on who you decide to sleep with and a low fence means that you are much more likely to enjoy the frivolities of sex with various partners.

How many strawberries you take refers to how many sexual partners you desire in your lifetime.

How you feel about the farmer indicates how you feel after you have had sex with someone new.

My personal favourite response was during a pua bootcamp training weekend with two girls, and one answered “I would cook for the farmer” (This is the one to marry!!!). The other said “I don’t care about the farmer” (I leave this one to your imagination).

Dating Games To Play #2: The Doors Game.

This is one of my favourite dating games and works by asking the girl some questions and then explaining the meaning afterwards.

“You are in a light room, no windows and no doors, how do you feel?”

“What is your favourite colour?”

“What is your favourite animal?”

“You’re in front of a large body of water, let’s say the ocean. What do you do there?”

“You are there all day, so what do you do to pass time?”

The room represents how you view death.

The colour represents how you view yourself.

The animal represents how other people view you.

The ocean reflects your attitude to sex.

This game is best played mixed in with other fun dating games as it’s a more serious topic, but if you play this game then you will gain valuable insight into the woman’s emotional level and her views on the world.  It can be very powerful if played at the right time, and also this will improve you pua text game as you can then text the girl later reverting back to her fun answers.

Dating Games To Play #3: Roller Coasters.

This game is fantastic to play in bars and nightclubs and is fantastic to use as part of your pua conversation.  Again, you ask a series of questions before you explain their meaning.

You enter an amusement park and you go to the roller coaster line:

“How long do you wait to get on?” (Indicates how much time you want for foreplay).

“You’re on the ride, going all around, what is the feeling?” (Indicates your feelings during sex).

“Your car plunges into a splash pool at the end, what do you shout?” (What you say at the point of climax).

“Now you go to the merry-go-round but the horse is broken, how you feel?” (This is the girl’s true feeling when a man is impotent in that key moment).

“Now describe the perfect roller coaster ride… shape of track, feeling, etc” (This describes her views on her ideal sex).

This game is just really fun and you can introduce it by saying; “I saw this really fun game on TV last week, let’s play”.  Some of the answers you’ll receive are absolutely hilarious.

Dating Games To Play #4: Leap For Life From A Plane.

Once again it’s a series of questions, and then you explain their meanings afterwards:

“You are on the ground waiting your turn for your first skydive jump, watching other divers free-falling back to earth, what are you thinking/feeling?”(Describes your sexual desire).

“Your turn, you are on the plane, at the door’s edge and jump out, what do you scream?” (What you say at the point of climax during sex).

“You land safely and the instructor approaches you, what is he saying?” (What you imagine your partner tells you after sex).

This game is really entertaining and you can also both laugh about her answers throughout the evening, which is useful if the conversation is going dry as you can always revert back to her answers in this game, or any one of the previous dating games.

If you would like to attract more women in your life then come to one of Gary’s pua training weekends

Written byGary GunnBased in the UK, Gary Gunn is a professional dating coach with over half a decade’s worth of experience specialising in helping both men and women find long term partners through his online coaching, live training and modern dating strategies.

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