3 Ways To Make A Friend With Benefits

friends with benefits

When you stop and think about it, nearly every relationship starts on the level of “friends with benefits”. The question is, how can you make a friend with benefits and how long can you maintain that status before the person wants to take the next step into a serious relationship?


Test The Waters

Start hanging out with a single friend of the opposite sex that you are physically attracted to. Start saying things like “I really miss cuddling but just don’t have time for a relationship, you know?” or “Man, I need to get laid but who has time for dating!”. See how they respond if they feel the same this may be your window of opportunity.  If you’re not sure how they will respond to your offer of FWB say things in a joking way like “We should just get together and get it out of our system! ha…ha…ha…”

Don’t Have a Friend Like That?

#1 Get Social!

How can you make friends if you’re not social? How can you make a friend with benefits if you can’t make a friend? You see where this logic is going? Get confident and get out there.

#2  Hang out in the right places

Life is all about being in the right place at the right time and keeping that in mind, there are always certain places that seem to attract a single/swinger crowd. Frequent those places with an open mind and it’ll only be a matter of time until you meet the FWB of your (wet)dreams.

#3 Dress to impress

Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man. And any guy that doesn’t dress sharply has to rely on  personality. Good luck with that. However, if you have a great personality and a good look, you’ve got an awesome foundation set for making a friend with benefits. If you’re a female it might be a good time to exchange that turtleneck for a deep V. Nothing says FWB like a little cleave.

All in all you’ve just got to put yourself out there; get frisky and have fun future FWB’ers.