Having a Fling Online

Relationships that start online are streaming in at an all time high.  Even though they're stigmatized, marginalized and criticized, online dating is bringing in some serious relationship conversions. … [Read More...]

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How To Handle An Office Fling

Been feeling wildly attracted to a co-worker who gets cow eyed and giggly everytime he or she walks into the room? What should you do? Well the answer is simple: YOU DO NOTHING! Flings happen all the time and even more in the office. It would be best if you were to play out all […]

Best Ways To Approach a Girl

If a girl seems unapproachable, it’s probably because she’s worth the trepidation: the momentary smile, the way she absentmindedly curls her hair around one finger while she chats with friends, the shape of her hips in those jeans. No eye-roll worthy pick-up line is going to suffice — you need to bring a pistol to […]

5 Tricks to Get Her in the Mood With Even Touching

Hopefully you’re at the point with a girl where you’re not simply praying she goes out on a second date with you. Your work is still not done, however. Keeping a girl in the mood is a battle as constant as regularly flossing. It’s no chore, however. The more creative you are, the more of […]

Fling.me Feature: Male Member of the Week

Fling.me Feature: Male Member of the Week Fling.me Username: abg6o5 Fling Girl or Fling Guy? Fling Guy Seeking: Women Interested in: Casual Encounters, Online Flirting, Open To Relationship, Meet In Person Rate this Fling’s Online Profile from 1-10 in the comments below!

Meet Girls Online – Fling Feature Female Member

Fling Girls Online User Name: Drrtydncr305 Fling Girl or Fling Guy? Hot Girl Seeking: Men, Women Interested in: Experimenting, Online Flirting     Rate This Fling Girls Online Profile 1-10 in the Comments Below

Best Ways to Meet Someone in a New City

There are a lot of ways to meet people in a new city — take rear-ending them while confused by unfamiliar traffic patterns, for example. However, if the person you want to meet wouldn’t be intermittently screaming obscenities at you and phoning everyone from their insurance company to the National Guard, there are a few […]

Meet Girls Online : Fling Feature Female Member

Fling Girls Online User Name: Estrella Fugaz Fling Girl or Fling Guy? Fling Girl Seeking: Men, Women Interested in: Meet In Person ”  I decided to give the east coast a chance too and just arrived to Florida. Brandnew here not knowing anybody I am happy about any nice company who is willing to show me […]

3 NEW Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

If you never knew the old ways to get a girl’s phone number, it’s a good thing. Chances are she’s heard them before. Try a few new plays in an age-old game.   1. Show Her You’re Hung Start a game of Hangman on a napkin or a piece of notebook paper, except where the […]

3 NEW Ways to Get His Number

It may, at first, seem easy to get a guy’s phone number. Chances are, all you have to do is ask. However, there’s a certain stigma involved in just coming out and asking a guy for his phone number: It might give him the wrong idea about what kind of girl you are. If you […]

7 Worst Online Dating Profile Photos

Your profile photo is often the first impression you have on people. This element is compounded by the advent of superficial platforms so you need to stay on your toes to make sure your dating game isn’t totally lost by one bad photo.   The Someone Else If your main profile photo is of someone […]